The Strongest Couples Roast Each Other Regularly

The Strongest Couples Roast Each Other Regularly

Are you concerned that you and your partner are always making fun of each other? Don't be.

If anything, you should be celebrating because you are lucky to have one of the strongest and happiest types of relationship there is.

This is not just some unproven theory, but an conclusion that has come up through scientific inquiry.

The study was done at Appalachian State University. The research showed that the ability of two people to roast each other regularly without things getting tense is a very good indicator of a healthy relationship.

So, Keep The Sarcastic Comments Coming, They Are Helping, According To Experts

This blows the idea that relationships need to follow a strict script to survive completely out of the water.

However, even in this scenario, the personalities of those involved matter. So, besides foundations like honesty, patience, humility, trust, and open-mindedness, among other well-known factors, certain unexpected qualities also matter.

People have different ideas of what fun is, and they will differ as to what constitutes humor, passions, and major life goals.

But this study does not burden all couples with the responsibility of making fun of each other to strengthen the connection between them. The important thing, they discovered, is finding happiness.

This is just one of the ways to do it.

Clearly, being able to make fun of each other with no one getting mad is a good way to have fun around each other and be happy.

Such relationships are likely to be stronger and therefore last longer.

Like individuals, all relationships are unique in their own ways. And these special attributes connect to the people in that relationship, and the outside world might not notice them.

Some Things About Us Are Intended Only For Our Partners Only

Other people might think them weird and off-putting.

But when you mock these traits in a good-natured manner, you make your partner know that you have no problem with their "flaws" and that you accept them and find them interesting.

As a result, this can really improve the quality of your relationship because it reassures your partner you are still into them despite any quirks they have.

But that's not to say you go all out and mock all your partner's quirks.

There Have To Be Limits

First of all, you have to stay off issues your partner is sensitive about as that might actually hurt them. If anything you say makes them feel bad rather than joy or harmless embarrassment, then you are crossing the line.

The good idea is to focus on issues they also joke about because the chances are that they would have no problem about you teasing them about the same. But also make sure it's clear you are just kidding and not expressing an honest opinion.

So, when things are tense and serious between you, it's probably not the right time to mock your partner's weird nose hairs.

However, it is your responsibility to understand your partner and their limits, so you know when and what to roast each other about.

And If Done Correctly?

Roasting each other can make you happy, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. It can relax your body immensely and make you a very happy couple.

Above all, you will be more comfortable around each other and go further as a couple. When it's all said and done, it's not really about the jokes but strengthening the connection between the two of you.