The Strength Of God Is Ever Available In Every Situation You Face

The Strength Of God Is Ever Available In Every Situation You Face

Life can be a bed of roses, it can be as sweet as sugar, but sometimes it can also be as hot as hell when unexpected situations arise and the roses on your bed turn to thorns. At some point in life, you might be going through a season of hardship which could be a result of job loss, finances, sickness, family, loss of loved ones, misunderstanding with loved ones, or even divorce.

Many times, we feel so overwhelmed with grief, disappointment, and confusion but we try to think positively because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. But whatever situations or difficulties you may face in life, God is always ready to strengthen you during and after that phase in your life. He is always ready to be your source of hope during the toughest times. He is ever ready to be your source of courage when you lay on your bed contemplating if any good can come out of your morning. He is the light that would lead you through dark paths. He is ever ready to accompany you through every stage in life even when others abandon you.

All you have to do is to have faith in God. Have faith in his abilities, have faith in his presence, have faith in his justice and plans, have faith in his timings and lessons. Have faith in the path he chooses for you, have faith in his miracles and mercy. Have faith in him because he would always bring life to you when you think you are dead. He would always bless you when all hopes have been lost. He wants the best for you and he is always ready to give you if only you have faith in him.

Humans promise and fail but God never fails. He always fulfills his promise. He is ever dependent because he never changes or gets tired of you. People change in the blink of an eye, they trade your love for hatred, they only notice the bad in the good you do, but with God, he is always the same. He is always ready to comfort you anywhere and anytime. You don't have to worry because he is always the reason behind every obstacle you overcome, over success and achievements you attain.

As humans, we sometimes make our source of happiness depend on someone, something, or even a place. But what happens if that "someone" starts hating you? What happens if that "something" gets misplaced or lost? What happens when that "place" becomes occupied or even destroyed? To avoid situations like these, it's best to let God be the source of your happiness. He listens to you not minding your location or status. He answers your prayers or grants your request without asking for something in return.

When you think the sky is your limit, he thinks differently making that your starting point. He has blessed you with unique talents that can never be bought or sold. Even though while showcasing your talents you might feel discouraged, he strengthens you and prevents you from giving up. He detaches you from people and things that are not meant for you. He listens to your most terrifying thoughts when no one else can. He is the only one who knows what is in your heart. You don't have to worry about anything because God is always ready to go through the darkest and toughest times with you. He would pick you up when you fall and strengthen you when you are weak.