The Soon-to-be Groom Left Freaked Out By Fiancée's Family's Wedding Night Ritual

The soon-to-be groom left freaked out by fiancée’s family’s wedding night ritual

Weddings are all about traditions, mixing the old with the new, and embracing each other's families and customs.

A 23-year-old couple had it all. They were planning a wedding and everything was going their way. Until the man learned about the ancient tradition regarding the wedding night.

The whole marriage is a compromise, but there are some boundaries and dealbreakers, and having what it seems like a sex party, or what appears to be joining a sex cult, can be too much.

The perfect love story goes rogue

Our real-life drama starts with one man as he explains his fiancée has a large, extended family who are "very warm and caring people," and he gets on really well with them.

They have it all, but one thing's bothering him. His fiances' family is making all sorts of jokes about their wedding night, and he's thinking "weird."

the soon-to-be groom left freaked out by fiancée's family's wedding night ritual

The bride-to-be tells her man that she doesn't care about the honeymoon. She wants them to stay at her parent's house instead. He thinks that it will help them put down a deposit for a house. Idyllic, a match made in heaven, and all other clichés come to mind.

Ancient wedding night tradition

The young lad is sensing something is off. So, he starts asking questions, and the girl of his dreams starts to open up.

In his confessions, the groom-to-be says that his loved one explained:

The husband and wife go into the master bedroom together, and they are supposed to "consummate" the marriage.

the soon-to-be groom left freaked out by fiancée's family's wedding night ritual

To be fair, this custom existed, very long time ago, and it usually involved kings and queens. It's quite humiliating and let's face it: sounds a bit like something you would do if you were joining a cult. Or a frat house.

The bride saw that he was upset with the ritual. Her solution was to "pretend" to get it over and done with. The man declared:

I don't want anything to do with this.

Family guilt-tripping the groom

The almost groom continues his confessions, which at this point are no longer funny or ridiculous. They are straight out of a horror movie.

the soon-to-be groom left freaked out by fiancée's family's wedding night ritual

I absolutely freaked and told her under no circumstances will I be doing that kind of thing in front of her whole family.

Now, the guilt-tripping part is rather disgusting:

I think she's also been texting her family about this because I received a text from her mother telling me that I "don't understand the importance of family and tradition yet, and this kind of tradition has been around longer than I've been alive".

Her family's "truly old wedding night convention" is already freaky, but his future mother-in-law convincing him to have sex in front of her? And the rest of them? That's a sign to get out.

Netizens are in shock

The young man is still rethinking his options. And since it's pretty clear that he'll lose either way, he asked for advice on the popular forum Reddit.

One Reddit user answers:

This is directly up odd AF, and I have no counsel separated from the way that convention is simply peer pressure from the dead, and you have to persevere.

Another states:

Disclose to them, you'll do it, as a byproduct of an endowment of 100 head of steers, a white steed, and a parcel of arable land.

the soon-to-be groom left freaked out by fiancée's family's wedding night ritual

A third went even further:

Jesus, a family sex cover? I sure expect it's just beautiful, and grandmother doesn't lay down with it.

The question is: what would you do? Sure, it sounds creepy, but then you have the rest of your life with the woman you love.

However, you will always wonder whether there's some old tradition for each holiday, birthday, funeral.

And if you have kids, will you have to watch their wedding nights? Be open-minded? While waiting for the slow and painful "until death do us part."