The Slow Fade: 10 Signs He's Ghosting You

Many of us have experienced it before, although it is unpleasant. You may be having a good time talking to a guy one day, but the next day he avoids being in the same room as you. Ghosting has become a prevalent problem in the dating world nowadays, and it's challenging to understand what's happening while it's happening. If you're unsure about what's going on, here are some signs that he's attempting to gradually distance himself from you.


1. He Conveniently "forgets" You Texted/messaged/called

He's keeping you as an option in case he wants to reconnect with you later, and when he does, he'll offer a lame excuse for his prolonged absence. Don't be fooled by it. He hasn't forgotten about you; he's just not interested in talking to you unless it benefits him.

2. Magically, All Platforms Of Communication Aren't Working For Him

If you've sent a text to him, and he hasn't responded for a considerable amount of time, so you've attempted to contact him through Facebook or Twitter, and still haven't received a response, don't assume that there is an issue with his accounts. The reality may be that he's behaving rudely.


3. Your Mutual Friends Get Awkward When You Bring Him Up

Before the three of you hung out, they may have even encouraged you to hook up with him. However, now that you inquire about his whereabouts, they're unsure how to respond. It's understandable that they're in an awkward position, but if you're experiencing this, it may be best to accept your losses and move on.


4. When You Do Speak, He Keeps The Conversation Oddly Short

There was a time when you used to have deep conversations late into the night, covering every topic imaginable. But now, he's treating you like a total stranger. What's different? His perception of your worth! Don't bother attempting to get him to communicate because it's not worth your time.

5. He No Longer Shows Up To Places Where You Used To See Him

At first, when he ceased responding to your messages, you anticipated running into him at work, sitting next to him in class, or spending time with mutual friends. However, he had different plans, which no longer involved being around you in those settings. He might offer a feeble excuse for his absence or not say anything at all. This could be the most painful sign because it's difficult to deny.


6. You Can Remember A Time He Told You His Ex Is "nuts"

Every girl should be cautious of this red flag. It's frequently an excuse for a guy to avoid taking responsibility for something he's done to her. He may use the term "nuts" to dismiss her legitimate anger over his sudden cold treatment of his ex. If you persist in seeking closure from him, you may end up being labeled as the "nuts" ex to the next girl he woos. It's not worth the effort.


7. When You Were Talking, He Was Already A Coward

Certain guys may profess to be "anti-drama," but they are likely the same ones who have had unusual ex-partners. Did you observe that when you were together, he would vanish if you confronted him about a significant issue? It's possible that he dislikes confrontation and prefers to ghost a girl when it's convenient for him.


8. He Said He Didn't Want Anything Serious

It's entirely understandable to desire a casual relationship, and it's commendable if a guy is bold enough to be forthright about his intentions. Nevertheless, several of these guys often move on when they feel like it, regardless of whether or not you attempt to persuade them into a more serious relationship.

9. A New Girl Has Seemingly Taken Your Place

No, that's not just a friend! You and he were previously inseparable, but now there's a new girl who appears to be all over him while he's suddenly too "occupied." Don't attempt to compete for him. It's possible that she'll be his next victim of ghosting, anyway.


10. You're Blocked From His Account

It's not just that he's avoiding you; he's also making it difficult for you to contact him. Consider it a clear indication that your relationship is finished. Don't attempt to contact him any further; instead, begin the process of moving on.