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The Sit N' Sip Chair Could Hold 750 Bottles Of Wine… If It Was Real

the sit n’ sip chair could hold 750 bottles of wine… if it was real

Furniture is probably the last thing you should be thinking about when you have the more serious and devastating COVID-19 pandemic to worry about. The viral disaster has paralyzed lives and ruined economies.

Still, you might want to spare a thought for a unique product: the refillable Sit N' Sip Winebag chair.

Let's face it, coronavirus has been hard on a lot of us, and the lockdowns and quarantines don't make things any easier. It is just so difficult to keep your spirits up with everything that's going on.

However, for the wine lovers out there, there might be a way out of this frustrating struggle, thanks to the Sit N' Sip Refillable Winebag chair.

Although this product might not be as basic as toilet paper at this time, it will certainly make the quarantine period much more bearable.

Incredibly, this piece of furniture can hold 150 gallons of wine. Before you start a frantic online search for the Winebag chair of your own, here are a few things you should know about it.

1. It Is Not Actually Real, It's A Meme

the sit n' sip chair could hold 750 bottles of wine… if it was real

Apparently, someone with a sharp sense of humor made this image and posted it on Amazon as a product named Sit N' Sip Refillable Winebag chair.

That's right. The whole thing started as a meme, and from there, the 'product' took a life of its own as it went viral.

It is everything you would expect of such a product as it features a young happy woman sipping on the good stuff while enjoying a comfortable rest on the comfy chair.

Without a doubt, lots of people must have been fooled into thinking this was a real thing.

2. It Can Hold 750 Bottles Of Wine

the sit n' sip chair could hold 750 bottles of wine… if it was real

We already know this is a fake product, and if you have no idea how much 150 gallons is, you will be surprised to learn that this quantity of beverage amounts to about 750 bottles of wine.

We can only wonder how much time it takes to empty this massive bag of its wine reserve. Even with the quarantines and self-isolation, you would probably need a lot of help getting through all that volume.

3. It's Like Floating On Wine

the sit n' sip chair could hold 750 bottles of wine… if it was real

You have floated on the water before. But how about floating on wine? Imagine relaxing in your home and enjoying your favorite show on TV on a chair that is made mainly of wine.

Although the chair will change in shape and size as you continue to sip on the wine, it will certainly take a while before you exhaust all the wine it can hold.

4. For $299, This Is Certainly A Steal

the sit n' sip chair could hold 750 bottles of wine… if it was real

If this was real, and they actually gave it away for only $299, then it would be a worthwhile bargain.

Think about it: this is not just wine you are buying, but a handy and functional piece of furniture. Also, remember that the chair can hold thousands of dollars worth of wine.

That is why paying a couple of hundred dollars would be such an incredible bargain.

5. Lots Of People Would Probably Buy It

the sit n' sip chair could hold 750 bottles of wine… if it was real

I am sure many people would like to get their hands on this product if it were real. Let's be honest. A Winebag chair is not something too many wine lovers would like to pass upon.

Imagine enjoying this drink without having to struggle with a bottle refilling your glass.

The Feedback

the sit n' sip chair could hold 750 bottles of wine… if it was real

Obviously, when a lot of wine fanatics saw the chair, they immediately knew they needed one. Some even saw applications for the chair beyond what the manufacturers might have anticipated.

Someone even suggested using it as an office chair.

Of course, some wondered if they could get anything in the house done with such a chair sitting around, although they certainly saw themselves enjoying the pleasure of owning it.

For many people, this chair proves that perfect quarantine furniture does exist.

Granted, there might be a few setbacks to owning this chair.

For instance, imagine what would happen if it split open or started leaking for some reason. Imagine how big of a mess 150 gallons of wine would cause. You have seen how terribly messy a spilled glass of milk can be.

What if someone drunkenly jumped on the chair? It would certainly suck if you have a white carpet.

Clearly, many people will be quite disappointed to learn that the winebag chair doesn't really exist because it seems there is quite a healthy demand for it in the market.

Maybe someone will step up and make this dream come true for the many anxious fans of this imaginary product. We are self-isolating and quarantined, after all. So, owning such a comforting luxury wouldn't go amiss right now.