The Simpsons Real Life Versions Have Been Created, And They Are Terrifying

An artist has impressed people worldwide by successfully transforming renowned cartoon characters into realistic human depictions.

Hidreley Diao (@hidreley), who is a contributor to the online magazine Bored Panda, disclosed that he employs a blend of photoshop and three mobile applications - FaceApp, Gradiente, and Remini - to create his extraordinary pictures.

With the assistance of artificial intelligence, popular characters from The Simpsons such as Moe Szyslak, Milhouse van Houten, Bart Simpson, and Ned Flanders have been transformed to appear as real individuals.

They are extremely disturbing.

Hidreley elaborated in an article for Bored Panda: "When we watch some animation, it is natural to accept the cartoonish proportions of the characters without any problems, after all, we are quite used to this type of trait."

"But what if, as in a spell, they became real, flesh and blood?"

"I tried to bring them into our world through artificial intelligence."

He added: "I've done some similar posts by other authors here on Bored Panda."

"I wanted to try something out myself, and so I dove into the world of AI. This time, I challenged myself to try to do one on the theme of cartoon characters."

"In terms of how they all turned out, I'm more and more pleased with the results with each post I make."

"I really liked how Moe Szyzlak, Ned Flanders and Milhouse Van Houten turned out because initially I thought that the Simpsons drawing style would be very hard to emulate on 'real life' terms, but they are actually very easy to recognize."

In addition to the characters from The Simpsons, he has also generated realistic depictions of Carl Fredricksen from Disney Pixar's UP, Moana from Moana, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid, among numerous others.

The artist concluded: "I've been exploring the world of artificial intelligence recently, and I can tell you, it's a world without limits!"

"With the rise of AI-assisted art generation, there are virtually (no pun intended) no boundaries for digital art, you just have to be creative and know how to guide the blind hand of the machine."

The artist has subsequently generated further images utilizing artificial intelligence, and one of his recent pieces endeavors to transform actual photographs of historical figures into lifelike depictions.

Last week, on Instagram, he accompanied a series of images with the following caption: "What if they were living in the 21st century now? Imagine meeting one of them in a party, or even in a supermarket?"

These historical figures include Zeus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Matau Tathonca, Hatshepsut, Mary Shelley, and even the Statue of Liberty.

I don't know about you, but encountering a realistic Statue of Liberty while grocery shopping would definitely feel strange to me.

This certainly showcases the progress of technology.