The Simple Yet Harsh Truth Is That If A Man Doesn't Pursue You, He Might Just Not Be Into You

The Simple Yet Harsh Truth Is That If A Man Doesn’t Pursue You, He Might Just Not Be Into You

Sometimes it's difficult to admit the truth, especially when your feelings towards a particular guy are running wild in your heart. You start hearing the things you want to hear. You notice the signs that he's into you even when those signals aren't there.

And sometimes you even start convincing yourself that he cares for you. He may like you and support you in times of need. But if he doesn't pursue you, he might not be into you.

In love and relationships, many people claim that a man is the one supposed to make the first move. Why is this so? Is it because men are always programmed to pursue women? Is it the truth that people say that when a woman approaches a guy is against human nature? Here are the likely answers to the questions.

Nowadays Women Are Making The First Move

If a woman admires a man, she can make the first move. Some even go further to the extent of becoming aggressive to win a man's heart.

However, a man can accept a woman insisting on dating him. But the problem is that he'll not be serious about the relationship. He'll start wondering if there are better girls out there he can date.

Every man needs to feel he's interested in the woman he is pursuing. He's the one to seek and makes his dreams come true.

Chasing Him Will Not Change His Feelings Or Attitudes

Do you really think a man will love you after you show him how desperate you are to date him? For a relationship to succeed, both of you need to feel attracted to each other.
If a man is into you, he shows interest in you by chasing you, and if he doesn't, you need to admit the fact that he doesn't want you. That's the truth.

If A Man Wants You, He'll Try Anything To Win Your Heart

You're the only person who can discourage a man from pursuing you. He won't allow any obstacle to stand in his quest to win your heart. He will not let anyone dictate the outcome of the relationship.

When a man wants something, he'll take the initiative and do everything he can to get it. They aren't scared or shy to conquer a woman's heart. Even the timid ones will still figure out a way to show their interest in you.

Women Are Different

Women will always talk themselves out or into the things they don't want. But for men, it's either he's interested or not.

If he's interested, he is supposed to chase you, not wait for you to approach them. As long as there's a possible chance, he'll pursue you until he gets what he wants.

Women Also Need To Show Interest But In An Indirect Manner

Although you're the one pursued, you should put effort into the hunt. A woman can show interest by being responsive and open to the man chasing her. This is essential if you want a possible relationship to work. If you don't show him enough interest, he'll stop pursuing you.

Men are sensitive to rejection, especially those who have been dating for a long time. Therefore, if you're into the man pursuing you, encourage him by being calm, warm, and responsive. This will make him crave chasing and winning your heart.

If he's not pursuing you, it would be best if you moved on, no matter the feelings you have for him. This will save you from inevitable heartbreak.