The Secret To Meaningful Life: Four Important Words

The Secret To Meaningful Life: Four Important Words

I know this sounds like one of those 'sounds too good to be true' get rich quick clickbait ads, but bear with me. This is something that wellness gurus have been shouting from the rooftops since records began.

I'm not talking about simple words of affirmation or healing mantras here. No sir, I'm talking soul-deep, meaningful connections with the world and ourselves.

Can you guess them?





In no particular order. It just signals commensurate spiritual, emotional and physical growth. Absolute maturity and complete perspective about the future. A calm and braced approach for what may come to pass.

With these four super important words, you will be ready for anything, from within and outside of you. Don't believe me? Here's how…

1 – You will be less inclined towards self-destructive tendencies

I know the feeling of it being Thursday, and the week has already lasted a decade and you just can't wait to get out of work. But then your boss comes in and you simply don't have the patience to play ball, so you either walk out or snap at them.

It's not a good look, but it's one that you regret immediately. But you're in luck. You survive the weekend with your job still intact after much tactical groveling and emailing to HR.

This mistake is one that happens often in loaded social situations, and you know what? It was grim at the time and childish, but you won't make it again. You have gained humility and a new respect for things that you previously took for granted.

The pressures and kindness that your boss faces. The job that you forget how well-paid it is, and how it supports your shopping lifestyle. You are more grateful for your friends at work that you would really miss.

Now, you can go into work with a more mature soul, grateful, humble and ready to be honest and productive. Just not too honest!

2 – This also means that you are more likely to challenge yourself

Check in with your emotions too.

Ensure that you aren't just wafting through life, not realizing that you're feeling less and less fulfilled. You know by this point that life's too short just to drift. We know ourselves better than that.

This is another stage of growth which means that you can now recognize your old self-destructive behaviors and how unfulfilling your old habits were. Now, you're more conscious that you're respecting yourself, your mind and your body in all your actions.

You are more honest with your friends and relationships because you need to assert your needs and boundaries. Otherwise they won't be heard. People aren't mind readers, nor should they need to be to create a workable relationship.

We just have to mature and submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known in order to get our needs met. With the aid of those four words – honesty, respect, love and truth, you can go so much further than you could have ever believed.

The calmness that will settle over you is like nothing you have ever experienced. It gives you the step up you need to stop and reassess your life. Maybe you've outgrown it.

That's fine, change is always good

You just have to make sure you forge yourself a new life that better serves who you are now and what your mature soul wants out of life.

Around this point, society starts to look a little foolish, but you've just transcended it, really. Nice timing for an epiphany, guys. We love to see it.

Again, say these magical words with me and take them in all your major life decisions going forward.