The Search For Authenticity In A "High-Vibe" Culture

The Search For Authenticity In A “high-vibe” Culture

The high-vibe culture strongly advocates positivity to attract and harness the energy and transform it into reality. Transformation in this culture is aptly called "Manifestation".

Positivity is usually helpful. When we deny certain details of our reality to "get on" with our life all ready, something snaps out of place. We become dissociated with our identities and the whole picture of reality becomes blurry.

Denial, Denial, Denial

Denial in difficult situations can be in the form of detachment, zoning out, numbing, or literally or mentally running away. When we do these things to cope, we tend to neglect the expression of negative feelings. We hope the situation would change or the cause for disturbance would entirely disappear.

Usually, denial gives our body some time to prepare for the onslaught of negative sensations. Negative sensations will come from processing the negative feelings from harsh truths. It also tapers the amount of potent or toxic emotions that will prove overwhelming to the point of paralysis. It works for our survival.

Denial backfires when we deny the existence of the problem, hoping it would just go away or resolve by itself. There are times we must indeed adopt a patient attitude when things are beyond our control.

However, we need to step up to the situation and look at our options on how best to solve it. There are times we need to wait in the shadows, and times, when we need to declare our presence.

Anger, Fear, and Frustration

Anger, fear, and grief are some of the negative emotions that we experience in our life. Because modern culture frowns upon "awkward" or "uncomfortable" situations arising from the expression of these emotions, we tend to deny the presence of these emotions, repressing parts where our hearts are actually wounded and suffering from trauma.

A positive attitude is needed for further healing. The first step, however, is to acknowledge and be patient with negative feelings. Patience is a form of healthful positivity. We cannot neglect or abandon parts of ourselves. We cannot hitch a ride to somewhere that will make us forget them entirely. They will hound us in our sleep and trail us in moments of confusion.

The Effects Of Excessive Positivity

We will not be able to make the best decisions, because we denied the whole picture. There will be no peace in ourselves because we refuse and resist the parts that are insistently crying for our attention and needs our love and support.

We will find we cannot move on.

When we mentally hitch a ride to positivity, the sick 'family' in our sheltering minds will only make us suffer more. We will be forever hitching rides with nowhere to go but home.

The crucial thing is that after we have decided to acknowledge and tend to the negativity of the situation, there are parts of us that have hardened into emotional repression. The wounds are still there, but we are emotionally blind to them. We will then have a harder time healing and we will need to deal with our self-abandonment issues.