The Scary Process Of Falling In Love When You Have Been Single For A Long Time

Even the strongest and most independent women can find themselves overwhelmed with unfamiliar emotions when they meet a great guy and start developing feelings for him. After being single for an extended period of time, having someone truly amazing in your life can be a difficult adjustment.

1. We worry about our freedom

Although we anticipated it, there's no real way to brace ourselves for incorporating a new person into the parts of our lives that we've had to fill on our own. Balancing our priorities while making room for someone new is challenging. While we understand that we may need to make compromises, it's a daunting risk without any assurance of a positive outcome.

2. We obsess over the details

As we experience authentic emotions for someone, every situation becomes a "what does this signify?" moment due to the prolonged time we've been disconnected from such emotions. We feel anxious and uneasy because we don't want to make any mistakes. We're unsure if we're capable of being in a relationship, so we obsess over even the smallest details, hoping to maintain our composure.

3. We struggle with finding balance

Having spent an extended period of time in solitude, spending significant amounts of time with the man we're falling for can be a frightening escapade. We question whether we're genuinely prepared for this, even if we've been searching and claiming to be ready for a very long time.

4. We're scared of getting hurt

Although the fear of getting hurt is common, the anxiety of transitioning from long-term singleness to experiencing genuine emotions in a relationship brings a whole new level of apprehension. What if we step out of our comfort zones, only to be left completely broken? We understand that we need to take the leap eventually, but we're still hesitant.

5. We feel exposed and vulnerable

Authentic and sincere emotions have become unfamiliar to us during our time alone. While we may have had crushes and liked people in the interim, the feeling of our hearts sinking deeper into our chests takes our breath away and leaves us vulnerable to our own sense of security. We're in a position where we can be hurt again, and despite our desire to try, it's a frightening process to allow those emotions to surface.

6. But eventually we regain control

Eventually, we come to the realization that we must take the risk, given our long-standing hope for someone amazing to enter our lives. Though we may be momentarily consumed by apprehension and fear, we eventually regain control and press our foot on the accelerator, propelling us forward.

7. When we finally fall, it's for real

Once we release our grip, there's no turning back. It's the genuine article. We've spent enough time alone and have put enough space between our last love to be ready to allow ourselves to fall for someone new. Hopefully, it will be an improvement, although we understand that it may not be. Nonetheless, we're willing to give it a shot, despite the apprehension.