Weird Story

The Saudi Crown Prince Hacked Jeff Bezos's Phone Through WhatsApp And Leaked His Dick Pics

the saudi crown prince hacked jeff bezos’s phone through whatsapp and leaked his dick pics

Last year, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife got divorced, and the reason for ending their marriage was mainly his disloyalty.

It turned out he had been sexting dick pics to her busty friend Lauren Sanchez while they were married.

In the end, his wife MacKenzie Bezos ended up with $40 BILLION plus 25% of Jeff's Amazon stock.

These days, the story developed a new karmic twist!

There is a word that the man responsible for leaking Jeff Bezos's dick pics was The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Rumor Has It

The crotch shots that shot the bullseye in Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' life, may have been stolen by Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.

the saudi crown prince hacked jeff bezos's phone through whatsapp and leaked his dick pics

According to The Guardian, the Saudi royal successfully hacked the world's richest man's phone.

Believe it or not, only by sending him a malicious file via the chat platform WhatsApp.

They both had been having a seemingly friendly exchange when the prince sent Bezos the video file.

Wondering how he did it?

Well, sources say pretty easy.

A Plan

There was a malware hidden in the encrypted message that allowed large amounts of data to be exfiltrated from Bezos' phone within hours.

Later, a person familiar with the matter claimed that they were clueless about what exactly was taken from the phone.

Cyberattack, Spotted

This sudden cyberattack was discovered by digital forensic experts who were examining Bezos' phone. They were following the National Enquirer publishing details about the Amazon chief's private life.

However, his investigators had high confidence that the Saudi Prince was responsible for this crime.

They believed he delivered the video that allowed the Saudis to get into the CEO's phone and gain private information about him.

Moreover, Amazon representatives were not available to respond immediately to the requests for comment.

Where Is The Problem?

The thrilling news made people ask some questions about the relationship between these two men.

Is there something that bothered the Crown Prince? Why Bezos? Did Jeff do something that insulted him?

Hmmm, the answer might be a tricky one.

The Reason

First of all, there was something that Bezos's paper published. And Mohammed was far from happy with it.

How could he be?

The Washington Post claimed that the Crown Prince murdered the journalist Jamal Khashoggi and chopped him up into little pieces.

Therefore, the reason for Mohammed's sudden cruel intentions sounds clearer than before.

Theories Revolving Around Us

This massive, unauthorized exfiltration of data from Jeff's phone continuously leaked for months, and he did not even have a clue about it.

The most intriguing part of the story is how the Crown Prince managed to hack Bezos's phone.

Turns out that sending him an encrypted video file on Whatsapp worked the trick indeed.

Jeff downloaded the video material from the chat, and the rest is now history.

Picture Time

If you thought that this part would be about the nudes, then you might be wrong.

Here is a picture of the happy couple - Jeff Bezos and his new girlfriend.

the saudi crown prince hacked jeff bezos's phone through whatsapp and leaked his dick pics

Mohammed bin Salman messed his fingers and exposed her secret affair with the billionaire.

The Battle Of Titans

Of course, there was a crucial thing that we could learn from this story: please don't mess with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

The guy has too much money and way too many resources, so nobody stands a chance against him.

Will this story have an epilogue? Is Jeff Bezos sitting comfortably in his chair and plotting an act of terrifying revenge?

Cross your fingers to find out more soon.

This story sounds like a proven fact that nobody is safe from having their phone hacked.

If even the richest man in the world can get hacked, blackmailed, and have his life turned upside down like this over WhatsApp, then we're all at risk.

One would think that Jeff Bezos would be the most careful man globally, having the most super-secure phone on the planet.

After all - aren't we all the same?

We're all just people who sometimes do naughty things and pay for them later.