the ‘russian kim kardashian’ proved her body is “all natural”

The 26-year-old model Anastasia Kvitko is Russia's answer to Kim Kardashian. She already had 4.7 million Instagram followers when she decided to treat her fans with some super hot photos of her naturally curvacious body.

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the 'russian kim kardashian' proved her body is "all natural"

Anastasia posed in tiny bikinis, swearing that her body is "all-natural" and merely a result of "hard work at the gym."

By stepping up her Instagram game, the model got to almost 12 million followers. She moved from Russia, first to Miami, then to Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career.

Kim Kardashian is far behind Russia's finest

When Anastasia Kvitko started modeling, the agencies didn't want to work with her, calling her "fat."

Instead of losing weight, her curves are now her trademark and moneymakers. Kvitko is currently working with numerous bikini brands, dietary drinks, dating websites, and more.

the 'russian kim kardashian' proved her body is "all natural"

In an interview, she said:

"I like Kim Kardashian, but I don't quite like being compared to her – she is far behind me."

The Russian model added:

"My body is sporty, my hip muscles are trained, my bottom is the most beautiful one, and I have not done any plastic surgeries on my face."

She also belives that she will become a bigger star than Kim Kardashian West, claiming:

"Now my popularity is growing at a crazy speed. It is a matter of time when I will be recognized more often than Kim."

the 'russian kim kardashian' proved her body is "all natural"

Anastasia didn't shy away from mocking Kardashian's photoshopped photos. She stated:

"This is what makes me different to many other Instagram celebrities and beauties."

"I keep posting full-length photos so my fans can see that I look exactly like in my photos."

Is it Anastasia's time to shine? Only time will tell. But do we really need another Kim Kardashian?