The Right Person Won't Make You Go Through Hell To Be Happy

The Right Person Won’t Make You Go Through Hell To Be Happy

Would you hurt someone you love on purpose? I'm sure you are even surprised that anyone could even ask that.

Before you dismiss this question, consider that some people do hurtful things to those they claim to love - on purpose!

That is not what you get in a loving relationship. When someone loves you, they don't kill you with the work it takes to keep it alive. They never try to make you feel worthless or lose confidence in your abilities.

In a loving relationship, you are not always hitting a wall because your tireless effort does not bear any fruit.

Love is not supposed to make you suffer and cry all the time. Love should be easy if you are with the right person.

Sure, all relationships have their challenges. Not every day will be a happy one, but a day never comes when you feel like you want out of the relationship, unless love is not the glue that holds it together.

Someone who loves you does not say things just to hurt you. Your love would never try to bring you down through insults. They don't mess with your peace of mind by playing games with you, and they don't ignore you to your detriment.

When someone loves you, they will stand by you regardless of what you are facing in life. The last thing this person wants is to see you get hurt, especially when they are behind the pain you are feeling.

Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. There is nothing unusual about that.

Sometimes you won't agree on something, but when you love each other, you always work together towards a solution. You forgive each other and will always make compromises for each other's sake.

The love you share will be greater than any challenges you face along the way.

After falling in love with the right person, you will truly believe that heaven is real because nothing you can imagine in this world would make you that happy.

When you love the right person, you always have someone to support you, and their love will never be absent in your life.

You will not have to work so hard for it.

This person cannot go for long without hearing from you.

They will put other things on hold just to have time for you. They will always long for your presence and will desire your kisses and hugs, and all the comfort and warmth you have to offer them. They cannot get enough of you regardless of whether you are talking or sleeping.

Their singular desire is to make you happy, and their greatest joy is seeing a smile on your face.

Love from the right person will motivate you, and you will know that you can overcome anything because your heart and mind will be freed and rejuvenated by love.

Love makes you better. In fact, it makes you the best you that you can ever be.

If your love life is all about ignored calls and fears of betrayal, then that is not the kind of love you deserve in your life.

With true love, you feel safe and happy. There is no drama in your life – just joy, comfort, safety, fulfillment, and inspiration.