The Right People Can Never Be Lost, They Stick It Out No Matter What

The Right People Can Never Be Lost, They Stick It Out No Matter What

Let me tell you something you might find shocking. You should never have to worry about losing someone who belongs in your life. Like ever.

If you are worried that someone will run off when your life hits a snag, then they are not right for you. Either that or you have them all wrong.

When Someone Belongs, They Truly Belong. Come Rain Come Sunshine

The right person will not disappear on you when you need them the most. If anything, that's when they want to be at your side more.

And also, these people are not afraid when you try to get real with them.

There will be no judgments about your clinginess, and you will not have to check your behavior around them just to keep them happy.

They will accept you in all your shades of joy and sadness.

The right person will do what is best for you with no questions or hesitations.

You will never walk alone with the right person in your life. And you will never have doubts about their commitment based on their behavior. Your insecurities maybe, but they won't make you wonder where you stand with them.

Dealing With The Right Person Will Not Involve Unnecessary Drama

The reason you might be worried about the right person leaving or bringing drama into your life is that you have thought the wrong people were right for you in the past.

Someone walked into your life, and they really had you going before they got crazy or vanished from your life like a circus magician.

That was a wrong person and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

So, get your head on straight. It's not worth missing someone of that sort. Anyone who runs away because your issues have become too much to handle was never concerned about your wellbeing to begin with.

When the right person gets into your life, they will stick it out no matter what happens.

Based on what they made you feel, you might think you made a mistake in letting them go. But learn to accept that some things were never meant to be.

If Someone Was Never Meant To Be, Trust Me, You Are Better Off Without Them

It might not feel like that at first, but once you wait a while and have a broader perspective on things, you will accept without a doubt that they were right to walk out of your life.

Think about it, do you want someone to pretend to be your dearest confidant and then take off during your biggest crisis?

So, move on with life.

The Right Person For You Will Care About You And Your Future

They will stick with you even when you have given up on yourself. They will make you believe in your dreams when you have given up on them.

You cannot easily chase them off when you feel you are not worth anyone's attention or concern.

When a storm hits you, this person will not stand aside and watch your life fall into pieces. They will jump right in and make sure that you make it through.

Helping you when you are in pain will not be an inconvenience for them, but a cherished privilege they will relish.

So, Stop Worrying About People Not Sticking Around

Let them go if they want to.

Someone who truly belongs will find one reason to hold on when there are a million reasons to walk away. The right person does not choose the easy way, they choose you over any other option any day.

So, don't think you can ever lose the right person. That's not possible, even when you try to distance yourself from them. They are yours and that's that.