The Right Man Is Coming, But At A Time Only God Knows

The Right Man Is Coming, But At A Time Only God Knows

The most incredible thing about life is that life-altering decisions and concerns are in God's capable hands. Let's be honest. We could mess everything up if God didn't give us a hand.

And so, just as God does not leave you with the power to decide how long you should wait before taking your next breath, He does not let you decide when to meet the person to spend the rest of your life with.


I know it does not feel that way. You feel you have waited for as long as you could and that you can't wait anymore.

We've All Been There

Wrong men have come into your life one after another, giving you hope and then dashing it in a moment.

But that is a perfect example of how your timing works versus how God's timing works.

When the time God has appointed for the man of your dreams to come into your life comes, it will work out. It will not matter how unprepared you are.


Hell, he could walk into your life on the day you breakup with your greatest romantic hope at the time.

He might even come into your life when you want nothing to do with men and relationships. But because God's time has come, it will work out and you will have nothing but gratitude to give your Maker.

You can give up on love and say that there is no hope for you. You might think it is too late to find a partner.

the right man is coming, but at a time only god knows

God's Time Has Not Come

God is not like you and me.

He does not follow social trends saying by what age you should get hitched.

He has a plan for everyone, and to Him you are special and unique and unlike anyone else in this world.

So, why do you compare yourself to another? Just because all your friends are married, it does not mean you are late.


When God brings the right man into your life, married or single, friend and enemy, everyone will envy what you have.

I am sure you know what I am talking about. You have seen perfect relationships, the sort you hope to have. Age had nothing to do with it.

You Are Not Like God, He Sees The Future

He has all your life figured out. You, on the other hand, aren't entirely certain what will happen between now and the next time you wake up.


It might seem like God has forgotten about you but He has not. He has a plan for you. It's just that it's not time to know all the details yet.

All you need is to trust Him like a child trusts His father with good and exciting surprises.

God knows the man you need better than you do. Forget about that list you made with advice from your friends and your often misguided feelings.


You Have To Be Ready For Your Ideal Man

Why would God bring him into your life only for you to weary him? God wants you to enjoy the relationship you will have with your perfect man.

And you have high standards, and that means it might take time for God to mold the man who will be perfect for you.

You want a man who will sweep you off your feet with his sense of humor and endless affection. God has to teach an affectionate guy somewhere to be funny so he can be perfect for you when you finally meet.


But you can bet on one thing. When the right man walks into your life, everything will fall into place. You will know he is the man God set aside for you and it will make sense why it never worked out with any other guy.

All He asks is simple: have faith in His timing.