The Right Man For You, Through Patience, Will Restore Your Faith In Love

You have not suffered one or two heartbreaks, but several. Pain, betrayal, disappointment, and humiliation have been defining factors in all your romantic exploits.

After all these lies and abuse, you still have some scars that now make you shy to jump into relationships.

Needless to say, you have changed in a big way. It's for the better actually, because now, you will know true love when you meet it.

Once upon a time, you were naïve. You never had a care in the world and your heart belonged to whoever you fancied. You had all the faith you could muster in the power and the benevolence of love.

You soon realized that the world is not filled with straightforward people like yourself. Not everyone believes in love. And even worse, some people have mastered the art of taking advantage of those who blindly believe in it.

That is how you fell into the wrong hands. You let the wrong people into your life and they did nothing but cause pain and suffering. Your journey to find love turned into a trip to hell and back.

Your emotions, your way of thinking, and your faith in love changed.

You even thought you were the problem. Worst of all, you felt like a fool for believing in love when the world did not seem to give a damn.

There is one bitter lesson you learned — there was a limit to the number of heartbreaks you could let yourself suffer in the name of love.

So you became guarded. You decided you would not give your heart to just anyone who comes along.

You did this for your own protection.

It's understandable, and believe me, many people have been there. You should definitely not approach love matters as you did at first, since that will only cause you heartache.

You turned into this person out of fear, and I am not here to tell you that you have to break down these defenses.

But one thing you should do is believe in the possibility of love.

Yes, true love is on its way to you. The right man will come along, and through his patience, you will believe in love once more.

He will not rush you, but will wait patiently and prove to you that true love exists.

With this man by your side, all the past wounds will heal. Your heart will be whole again. He will not see the flaws everyone else seemed to focus on.

He will not be pushy, but will respect you and your boundaries.

You will not have to explain to him where you are coming from when he sees how protective you are of your feeligns.

He will come into your life to stay, not to mess around with it.

The right man will treasure and cherish you. And he will make you realize that you are worth all the love the world has to give.

Eventually, you will know that of all the partners you have had, he deserves you the most. This will be a man who will see your true worth. He'll be your one true love. With him, you will not have to worry about heartbreaks and betrayals anymore.