The Return Of The Dank Memes (25 Photos)

Memes have shaped the era in which we live. Although the habit of making photos and videos into memes is as old as humanity itself, the emergence of the internet has made it much "danker".

Dank memes are basically just stale, decomposing memes, but users with a refined palate can recognize the subtleties of humor in them. These memes exist in many variations and can cross cultural and linguistic barriers.

So, if you're a meme lover looking for humorous peace and sheer motivation satiate your appetite with these 25 dank memes.

That Annoying Friend

So Much For Sharing

So Cheesy

Thanks But No Thanks

Wrong Timing

Who Thought Of This?

Get Some Help

This Hits Hard

Sherlock And Watson?

We Try Again Next Year

My Love Life…Does Not Exist…

No Really, I'm Almost There

Here We Go Again

Oh No!

Now That's How You Land A Job


A Friend

We're In This Together

I'm Busy



Now We Wait...

That Hurts

Not On My Watch