The Return Of Granny Panties And Why We Couldn't Be Happier

The Return Of Granny Panties And Why We Couldn’t Be Happier

When most people hear the words granny panties, what comes to mind are the words old, boring and ugly. I have never been part of this group, and with good reason. Boring or not, I think granny panties are fantastic and the fact that they are making a comeback is just pure awesomeness. Why do I believe that? Here is why.

1. Comfort is key

Millennial women are no longer into the whole "beauty is pain" vibe. For me, suffering for beauty is a big No-No. Putting on a gorgeous pair of underwear that looks good but hurts isn't something that most millennial women entertain anymore. I'd rather wear something that's comfortable than something that looks good and feels like hell, wouldn't you? Thank goodness for granny panties.

2. Most guys don't care what underwear we wear

"It's gonna come off anyway"- That's what most guys will tell you when asked what they think about a woman's underwear. They're more interested in whatever you are covering up than the cover itself, so relax. Stop hurting yourself with uncomfortable underwear trying to please someone who honestly doesn't give a crap about what you are wearing or not. Granny panties or not, what really matters is being intimate with the person we like or love.

3. Thongs are overrated

So thongs are sexy to look at, no argument there. But are they comfortable? Yes, a few women will argue that they are comfortable. But the majority of us will tell you for free that thongs are super uncomfortable. I really don't think that they are necessary. Thongs are totally overrated. A very interesting fact to note, thongs were originally made for men. Why not go for comfort instead of putting on something that sticks up there and leaves you with discomfort the whole time you are wearing it? Plus, it wasn't even made for us originally, so why the pressure?

4. My underwear, my choice

It is my body, so I am going to wear what I want! No, I am not going to wear ugly, disgusting underwear. I am going to wear my pretty cotton granny panties that feel like heaven. The granny panties comeback is totally welcome not just for me but for millions of other ladies. It's totally necessary too. Women need to stop suffering all in the name of beauty.

5. It's no longer about the guys

Wearing granny panties is not just for comfort alone. It's a statement. A feminist act. It's a message to the guys that it's no longer about them. We wear what we want and what makes us feel comfortable. We have stopped putting on underwear that kills us on the inside but looks good on the outside just to please a guy. We're taking back control and focusing on what makes us happy because we are comfortable in our skin, no matter what. Thank you, granny panties, for this great attitude!

6. Granny panties are pretty

Who said granny panties couldn't be cute? There are designers out there who are making chic granny panties that are easy on the eyes and on those curves too. Thank goodness for you guys! Granny panties are not ugly and boring these days, and they are adorable. It's a great thing that they are making a comeback!