The Reasons Why Smart And Attractive Women Have The Worst Dating Lives

The Reasons Why Smart And Attractive Women Have The Worst Dating Lives

She's pretty and she's confident. She has a great job, and she knows what she wants out of life. She also knows what she wants out of a man. But the problem is, she's still single and has the worst luck at the dating game. Why is that? I'm glad you asked because I am getting ready to share the top 4 main reasons why a smart, confident, and attractive woman has such a hard time staying in an ongoing relationship.

1. She has set her standards very high

It's not that she believes she is better than anyone else. As a matter of fact, she would not mind the man being the leader of the relationship but she is also very picky about who is going to step into that role of being a leader that she allows coming into her space. You see, he just can't be anybody. He has to be as confident and sure of himself as she is. He has to be able to hold his own, especially when times get tough and the relationship is tested. He has to be able to stand up and fight for the relationship and not just want to give up at the drop of a hat!

2. She is very independent

She is not a lazy woman who wants a man to come and pay all of her bills while she just stays at home and looks after the children. No, she is used to making decisions and keeping the company running successfully because that is in her nature. However, she does know how to take care of her man and to make sure he is happy with her, but at the same time, she needs a man that can embrace her independence. He cannot be a man that wants her to be under him 24 hours a day and answering to his every beck and call because after all, she did have a life before he stepped in it. He would need to accept that reality and embrace the beauty of it.

3. She cannot start over and train a man on how to be a man

In other words, he cannot be weak and expect her to teach him how to be strong. She has already been independent for so long that she needs somebody to come and lead and be equally as strong. She doesn't need him to lead for the sake of ruling her but in the aspect of being a man that can make tough decisions in the middle of a crunch time and step up to the plate. He has to be able to know how to handle stress under pressure. In doing so, he will not take it out on her because an independent woman will not stand for that kind of abuse.

4. She can smell a player a mile away

A strong, independent, and confident woman will not tolerate a man that acts as if he is "God's gift to all women" and yet he's broke. She can smell foolishness a mile away and she will not entertain a man like that with a large ego and nothing to back it up with. Those type of men does not even stand a chance with her.

So, if you are a man that can handle a strong, confident, and attractive woman, please know that you are definitely a smart man because she is the kind of woman that you want to have on your side at all times:)