The Realest People

The Realest People

Just like romantic relationships, most friendships need to end at some point. You can feel it in your gut and your heart, but you're still hoping for a miracle. Rely on your instincts and cut the cord.

Nothing lasts forever, and most of our friendships end on a bitter note. Why? Because we are still afraid to accept that breaking up with a friend is just as reasonable as ending a romance. So, how do you know? Follow the signs and remember that it's better to stop on the high note than to end up resenting another human being.

They are dragging you down

Your BFF from school is not as charming and witty as an adult. In fact, they are always getting in trouble, but the stakes are getting higher and higher. Or, perhaps, they are treating people like crap, and soon, you'll either start acting the same or you'll be the one taking the punches.

People grow up and grow apart. Your good days are over, and you don't need someone who doesn't share your values or has no life plan to drag you down. If they don't change for themselves, they certainly won't change for you. It's time to say goodbye.

You no longer share a connection

From finishing each other sentences to forgetting how to communicate, the soon to be ex-friend and you had your share of fun, but things change.

Your connection is lost, and you aren't on similar paths now. No one has to be the bad guy. We are allowed to change, but it doesn't mean our friends will change in the same direction. Let go now, before you start resenting someone you cared for deeply.

Negativity overshadows positivity

That feeling when someone's energy is off is quite disturbing. Maybe your friend had a tough year, but there's not much you can do. You're not responsible for their choices, and you shouldn't let someone destroy your life with negativity.

Of course, you want to help, and that's okay as long as the other person accepts it. But otherwise, your friendship is over, because partnership should be mutually beneficial and make both of you happy, not evoke an emotional disturbance.

Breakups are hard, but you're merely doing what's best for you. Eventually, your friend will understand that. But, it doesn't matter, you always have to put yourself first!

They are manipulating and competing with you

The older you get, the more you understand that people will pretend that they love you, but in reality, they are using you for their agenda. Manipulative people weren't genuinely your friends, but you just realized that, and it's heartbreaking.

The moment you start feeling uncomfortable because your fake friend is competing or trying to control you, it's time to end the charade. Instead of hiding and discarding your gut feelings, it's time to move on.

Relationships of any kind are based on respect, acceptance, and a will to let other people grow and shine. If you feel like you're losing your true self to please a friend, you know that it's over. You wouldn't want to date a person who makes you feel anything less than your fabulous self. So, you should hang out with a person who is capable of loving you for everything you are, good, bad, and everything in between.