The Real Reasons Your Boyfriend Should Have Female Friends

So, you're finally meeting your boyfriend's friends, but you can't seem to spot any guys around. It dawns on you that some of your man's closest pals are actually women. What should you do? Well, the first step is to put your jealousy aside for the time being. Contrary to popular belief, having a boyfriend with female friends can actually be a positive thing. While there may be a few bad apples out there who are romantically involved with all their female friends, most of these guys are trustworthy if you can overcome your own insecurities. Why, you ask? Allow me to explain.

1. He understands women

A man who spends time with women gains valuable insight into their behavior and thought patterns. He'll be able to read between the lines when you say you're "fine" and won't assume you're upset when you have a mood swing. In fact, he'll be more understanding and prepared for it. If you've been searching for a partner who truly understands you, a boyfriend with female friends may be your best bet.

2. He respects women

Do you really think he would have female friends if he didn't value and respect women? These women like him for a reason - he's a decent guy. This doesn't necessarily mean that there's anything beyond friendship going on. You only surround yourself with people who respect you, and the same goes for your boyfriend. If he treats his female friends with kindness and respect, he'll likely treat you the same way.

3. It's easier to relate

Gaining entry into a guy's friend group can be tough. These groups are typically very tight-knit, especially when they're all male. In contrast, it's often easier to find common ground with other women, who are more likely to accept you or at least give you a chance. Guy friends can be highly critical and possessive, making it challenging to fit in. Women understand how challenging it can be and are generally more approachable when you first meet them.

4. They'll let him know when he's wrong

Male friends appreciate having female friends because they aren't hesitant to tell them when they've made a significant mistake. Women have no issue expressing why they're upset, and they'll call out their male friends and provide guidance on how to make things right. This is one of the reasons why male-female friendships are beneficial.

5. They'll make sure he apologizes the right way

Female friends won't simply accept an explanation and let their male friends off the hook; they'll make sure he apologizes sincerely as well. They understand the importance of a heartfelt apology and won't settle for a half-hearted "I'm sorry" and some wilting flowers. They'll coach their male friends on how to make a genuine apology and offer suggestions on how to make things right, like taking you out to dinner at that new restaurant you've been wanting to try.

6. You get better gifts

Boyfriends may try their best, but they aren't always the best gift-givers. However, those with female friends tend to excel in this department. They have learned from past experiences and have women to help guide them while they shop. You won't have to worry about receiving an ugly Christmas sweater because you'll receive a gift that's not only thoughtful but also fits you well. These men have seen their female friends receive terrible gifts from their boyfriends and have learned from it, making them much better shoppers overall.

7. He'll be more relaxed around you

We tend to be more reserved around people of the opposite sex, but having friends of that sex can help us become more relaxed around them. A boyfriend with female friends won't obsess over his every move because his friends have already helped him become a better version of himself. They've taught him what's appropriate and what's not, such as not loudly farting in public. He won't have to overthink everything because he knows how to behave around women, thanks to his female friends.

8. He's more confident

Men who don't spend much time around women can be a little insecure. They may overcompensate by being rude or act shy, making it difficult to get to know them. However, when a man has female friends, he becomes more confident. It may sound surprising, but it's true. He's more at ease being himself and knows how to interact with women. Having female friends can make for the perfect boyfriend combination.

9. He chose you

It's common for women to assume that their boyfriends have romantic feelings for their female friends, but that's not always the case. Men and women can genuinely be just friends. So, let go of any jealousy and feel proud that your boyfriend chose you. He could have pursued any of his female friends, but he chose to be with you. You're the one he can't stop talking about with his friends. Even if his friends get annoyed hearing so much about you, you're the one he truly desires. Embrace it and be happy.

10. You can have male friends

If your boyfriend has female friends, it's only fair that he can't be jealous when you have male friends. Simply remind him of this, and any potential arguments can be easily resolved. To feel more comfortable with the situation, it's important for both of you to hang out with each other's friends. By doing so, it helps eliminate petty jealousies and strengthens your trust in each other. If you have a lot of male friends, consider finding a guy with female friends. Who knows? Your friends might even hit it off with each other.

Don't let the fact that your boyfriend has female friends push you away from a great guy. In fact, having female friends makes him a better guy. So, enjoy the benefits of being with someone who understands and respects women. Don't let your insecurities ruin a good thing.