The Real Reason Why Empaths And Narcissists Are A Toxic Combination

Narcissists and empaths have opposite personalities. We often say “opposites attract” but in reality, the relationship of people with two different personalities will never be healthy.

Empaths are emotional sponges. They easily absorb feelings from other people. Narcissists, on the other hand, are people who are emotionally wounded. They inflict damage on everyone around them to continue the pain cycle. Empaths are very attractive to narcissists because an empath can selflessly fulfill the need of a narcissist. Because empaths are natural healers, they do everything they can just to ease the suffering of narcissists even if it’s not what they want to do.

An empath continues to forgive a narcissist

It is very important to remember that you can never fix another person and you can never change a person even if you think there’s potential. A person can only change if he or she is ready to make the change. However, narcissists don’t see a reason to.

We often observe narcissists create emotional relationships with empaths, and we normally think it’s okay, but narcissists feed off the empaths’ kindness, satisfying their appetite for attention, praise, admiration, material things, and power, while essentially leaving the empaths exhausted, emotionally drained, and powerless.

A narcissist loves drama

An empath works hard to achieve harmony, but a narcissist does the opposite. They like to know that they can pull other people’s strings and integrates compliments and kindness. An empath tends to be patient and understanding and believes that if they behave in the same manner, they will get the love they need. If a narcissist says they will change, an empath believes it even if the narcissist doesn’t really mean to change.

This is just one strategy that narcissists use in reeling their partner in. It is so effective for empaths because they want to be supportive of their partner in every way. The sad reality is that the empath is just being exploited.

An empath forms a trauma bond

A trauma bond is generated between the empath and the narcissist due to the push and pull of the relationship. It makes it harder for the empath to leave the relationship. During the trauma bond, an empath would continue to look at their own faults and keep thinking about what can be done to change or what can be done to be different. This is sad but it’s the truth. While it’s impossible for a narcissist to realize the need for a change, it’s impossible for an empath to realize that there’s no reason to change.

An empath is genuine and kind

When an empath encounters a narcissist for the first time, a world of confusion and denial is opened. A narcissist can present themselves as someone who is charming and giving until an empath does something contrary to what the narcissist wants. They become cold and punishing, but the empath will do everything to make up for it, making them very vulnerable.

If you’re in a narcissistic relationship, you don’t have to be hard-hearted just to make the relationship healthy. Just be very careful not to be taken advantage of. Know the strength of saying “no” and if it still doesn’t result in a healthy relationship, then keep in mind that not everyone needs to be in our lives. If they’re not healthy for us, let them go.