The Real Reason Why Empaths Always Fall For The 'Wounded Narcissist'

The Real Reason Why Empaths Always Fall For The ‘wounded Narcissist’

An empath is the polar opposite of a narcissist. When these two form a relationship, it is destined for failure, and for a number of reasons.

First of all, there is nothing more exciting for a narcissist than being in a relationship with an empath. Narcissists have an insatiable thirst for attention, and the empath loves to give attention and love.

But while the narcissist is having the time of his life, the empath will be going through hell and will suffer a lot of emotional and mental distress.

But if the relationship is not going to end well for an empath, why does she still end up in it?

Why do empaths still end up in the arms of abusive narcissists?

One of the reasons is that empaths are naturally honest and loving, and they feel and respond to other people's pain like it's their own. To an empath, giving and helping comes very naturally.

While their ability to understand what others are going through is their strength, they are also prone to abuse from those who take advantage of these virtues.

On their part, narcissists just take and take, and they are not above manipulating people in order to seem honest, all with the goal of satisfying their own selfish desires.

This is what deceives empaths because they think they are dealing with honest people while they are actually not. An empath is honest and loving, and sometimes she will think everyone is wired up in a similar manner.

But even after realizing that a narcissist is deeply wanting when it comes to character, they will find a way to empathize by trying to justify this behavior. To an unknowing empath, a narcissist simply acts the way he does because he has deep wounds from the past.

What the empath does not know at this stage is that the narcissist is just interested in taking advantage of their kind-hearted nature.

Empaths tend to have a problem setting limits on how people are allowed to relate to them, and this gives narcissists the power to step all over them and take charge of them for their own selfish gain.

Narcissists simply trap empaths, and these shackles can be hard to break. These flawed personalities are masters of deception and irredeemable liars.

They don't have partners, but victims. But before the empath can learn of this truth, it is usually too late and some damage will already have been done.

To the empath, there is love between them and the narcissist, and this will make it harder for them to pack up and leave.

Is there hope for these two? Folk wisdom teaches that opposites attract. However, in this case, that is not the case.

Over time, the effects of being with a narcissist will start to wear on the empath. The endless accusations and the manipulation will eventually have to come to an end. This might take a while, but eventually, the empath will have to call it quits and end the relationship.

However, the empath does not get away unscathed. The relationship will leave some wounds, and it will take some healing to get back to normal.