"The Real" Host Jeannie Mai Says Breastfeeding Has Been Harder Than Giving Birth

'the Real' Host Jeannie Mai Says Breastfeeding Has Been Harder Than Giving Birth

After welcoming a newborn, a mom has to go through plenty of things, including being the child's only food source. Those who have tried to breastfeed their infants, but couldn't, have a profound appreciation of what a blessing it is to nurse a hungry little one.

That said, breastfeeding is very demanding and overwhelming.

Jeannie Mai, the host of The Real, has shared her experience as a new mom. She talked about the pros and cons of breastfeeding in a revealing Instagram post.

Despite Hosting The Real, She Admitted To Not Being A Huge Fan Of Talk Shows

'the Real' Host Jeannie Mai Says Breastfeeding Has Been Harder Than Giving Birth

Even though Mai does not think much of talk shows, most of which she finds silly and pointless, she believes The Real is the exception.


Mai Has Always Been Honest With Her Audience

On The Real, Mai has always told it as it is. This time, she is being honest about motherhood.

In January, she and her husband Jeezy got a son, Monaco Mai-Jenkins. Despite having a child, Mai has not been trying to keep things private on social media.

Breastfeeding Has Been A Struggle For Mai


The 43-year-old has confessed that breastfeeding her son has been a huge struggle for her. She posted photos that showed her pumping breast milk for her child.

She also said that this was the "most difficult part of this entire mom journey." Although Mai had heard that this aspect of motherhood would be difficult, she did not imagine that it would be as hard as it turned out to be.

She went as far as saying that breastfeeding had been harder for her than giving birth.

Mai Fell In Love At First Latch


The talk show host also talked about the day she gave birth to her son. When the nurse put him on her breast, it was a truly emotional moment for her due to the colostrum her breast naturally produced.

Mai could not believe that nature handled things so fast, and she could not help but fall in love with the process:

"I've never felt anything like that bond before, looking down at my body providing for this sweet face. I became obsessed."

Unfortunately, Breastfeeding Took Its Toll

Since the first unforgettable breastfeeding moment, the process has started to take a toll on her body. This is despite having tried all the tricks she could think of in the last two months.


Mai has been unable to produce enough milk to satisfy her baby. This took her to a dark place mentally, and she had to try and keep herself together.

She could not help but compare herself to other mothers, which made her feel frustrated with the ups and downs of pumping an ounce of milk once a day. On other days, she would get nothing.

The stress of this and the anxiety of the entire journey made her life quite difficult.

No, Mai Is Not Looking For Sympathy

As she ended her post, she clarified that she was not looking for sympathy. She was just trying to let other moms understand that they were not alone in their struggles.

She also wrote saying that she had more respect for moms than ever before in her life.