the prettiest zodiac signs

The debate about the prettiest zodiac signs has been going on for a while, with most people fearlessly defending the uncontestable attractiveness of their own star signs.

So, a consensus had to be made, and here are the prettiest zodiac signs according to experts.

These are the most attractive zodiac signs in astrology. So, if you are among these astrological signs, consider yourself a thing of beauty.

As you know, our star signs affect our personalities and fortunes in life. So, it’s perfectly reasonable that they would also have an impact on the way we look.

However, also remember that beauty is a pretty subjective term, and for the most part, it involves making the best of your natural features. Hopefully, this will at least help explain the mysterious reason behind your favorite pop star pinup.

1. Pisces – The Prettiest Of Them All

the prettiest zodiac signs

So, is Pisces the most beautiful sign? Apparently yes, at least as far as experts go. According to most people, you have the prettiest girls.

It’s always a risk looking into your eyes because no one can resist their magnetic charm. But although your gorgeous eyes are your most attractive feature, you have other visual delights as well.

2. Libra – The All Round Beauty

the prettiest zodiac signs

The delicate, intelligent beauty of a Libra is hard to turn away from. Libras are among the most naturally attractive zodiac signs you will ever meet.

Your face, forehead, and amazing hair make you irresistibly beautiful. Some see the beauty in a Libra based on the fact that this zodiac sign has the most attractive personality according to many people.

3. Leo – Sexy Lips And Perfect Titties

the prettiest zodiac signs

Although Leos are known for some of their unfortunate personality traits, they can also be breathtakingly beautiful. That’s another way of saying you are among the prettiest zodiac signs if you are a Leo.

As a Leo, your most attractive trait is possibly your lips or cheeks. So, for those always wondering which zodiac sign has the most beautiful lips, Leo is your answer.

Word is that if you love boobs, then you can’t go wrong with a Leo woman. She probably has the most beautiful breasts you will ever see.

4. Gemini – Angelic Beauty

the prettiest zodiac signs

Of course, as a Gemini, you have to rank pretty highly on the list of the least to most attractive zodiac signs. We could even say you are among the most magnetic zodiac signs in existence, thanks to your angelic looks.

Your face radiates rare beauty and intelligence, truly like a creature from another world. That’s why it would be hard for many people to kick up a fuss if you claimed Gemini is the most beautiful zodiac sign.

5. Aries – Full Beautiful Face

the prettiest zodiac signs

As an Aries, you are among the prettiest zodiac signs because of your full face and general attractiveness. An Aries woman is easily the most physically attractive female zodiac sign ever.

She is also among the most magnetic zodiac signs with her general prettiness and charming fierceness.

6. Taurus – Seductive Beauty

the prettiest zodiac signs

A Taurus woman doesn’t often walk into a room and go unnoticed, that’s if she does not bring everything to a standstill with her intense eyes and obvious beauty.

We can’t answer the question “which zodiac sign is the prettiest?” without having a look at the seductive Taurus. Her actions can drive you crazy and make you forget yourself for a moment.

A Taurus woman is sensual and tender, and natural beauty oozes out of her innocent magnificence. Tauruses are real eye-candies.

So, at the end of the day, each zodiac sign has its most attractive feature. That is why it’s hard to answer: Which is the ugliest zodiac sign?

For instance, while Pisces would be the answer to “which zodiac sign has the most beautiful eyes?” Virgos stand out for their amazing skin.

Scorpios are known to have mysterious sexual energy around them, and a Sagittarius has an amazing back and gorgeous thighs, the sort you would appreciate if they were wrapped around your head.

Capricorns have killer legs, and an Aquarius wins the attractiveness battle when the focus is on the feet and the ankles. No wonder they look so good in skirts or dresses.

Let’s not also forget that Cancers have the prettiest hands. These girls have the kind of hands that tempt you to touch them as soon as you lay eyes on them.

Then, of course, you have to consider the transcendence of beauty. An amazing personality can easily trump many forms of physical beauty. That’s why the conversation on the prettiest zodiac signs will probably not end here.