The Power Of Responding With No Response

The Power Of Responding With No Response

There are a lot of powerful statements you can make as you interact with other people, including not making any. Saying nothing when expected to do the exact opposite can be a profound message.

It is one of the most powerful ways to stay in control because there is no telling where you stand.

By Being Silent, You Have Accepted Nothing, Rejected Nothing, And Offered Nothing

Maybe someone was pissing you off expecting you to do something.

But you gave them nothing.

So, when you feel that someone is trying to draw you into their manipulative arguments, give them no response and walk away.

Let the other person go as far as they will to elicit a reaction from you. They might hurl insults and say things they would never mean to provoke you to respond.

You can respond unexpectedly and leave them perplexed. Better yet, you can give them no response.

Fights Often Start With Words, And They Need Two Parties To Get Going

So, silence is not just a tactic to get the upper hand in arguments, but an important instrument of peace.

When you don't take part in a verbal fight, the other person will have practically no basis to attack you. They'll just take off, however much they wanted to get into a tussle with you.

And then you have been in those debates. I am sure you know them. Whereby the arguments go round and round and you are sure there will be no consensual end to the argument.

In such cases, you can end it all by stopping your responses.

Then you have to know, at most times, silence is one of the best ways to play things cool.

I Have Also Discovered Other Important Uses Of The No Response Reaction

For instance, we go out; it goes well. We start texting. But I've sent two texts and received nothing in return. I get a response a week later. I can't get drawn into that because nobody can be that busy. In that case, I give no response. It would take a little more effort to engage me once again.

There Are Also Cases Where You Need Silence To Keep Things Moving Forward

You are in a relationship with someone. They are crappy to you, and they keep coming back and you have given them all the chances you could in all your generosity.

You are done with their shenanigans, but every time you respond you start the vicious relationship cycle again. What should you do here? Permanent silence might be a pretty good way to clarify that you are done. Don't worry. They would totally deserve it.

So, there you have it. There are times when not giving a response is the best way to respond to a situation.