The Power Of A Dog's Unconditional Love

The Power Of A Dog’s Unconditional Love

There is a reason why a dog is considered "man's best friend". Not only can they be great teachers of many life lessons, they can also be a great filler for the hole in our hearts when we are feeling lonely. There is so much power in the unconditional love of a dog. If you weren't a dog person before, allow me to share with you some facts that may make you reconsider.

Improve Your Heart Health

Not only does a dog have the ability to fill your heart; they can make it stronger by lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, and decreasing triglyceride levels which leads to a lower risk of having a heart attack.


Keep You Looking Your Best

A dog isn't going to allow you to just sit on the couch all day. They find ways to get your body moving, like having you take them for a walk or searching throughout your house for your favorite shoes.

Increase Your Social Circle

Most of us tend to stay to ourselves as we age. With dogs, not so much. While out doing your walks, you never know who your dog may lead you to.


Can Be Therapeutic

Ever see a dog as a member of the hospital staff? The reason for this is that dogs have the ability to lower anxiety and blood pressure. They also increase serotonin and dopamine, which are known as "feel good" chemicals.

Make Your Life More Meaningful

If you are ever feeling down, you may isolate yourself which can lead to loneliness and depression. Your dog will not let this happen because they care but they don't care about how you are feeling. They are the reminder that without you they do not eat or go for walks. Your life becomes more important than you may realize.


Save Your Life

Dogs have been known to have a keen sense of smell that can detect whether or not you are becoming ill. Some dogs have been trained to sniff out cancers, benefit those who may be suffering from a brain injury, and even mitigate emotional flare-ups and aggression in those who suffer from Alzheimer's disease. Now I'd like to see a cat do that.