The Power And The Passion Of A Pisces-Scorpio Relationship

The Power And The Passion Of A Pisces-scorpio Relationship

And there can be a lot of passion!

Every sign of the zodiac has its perfect partner. The one that just works. We're here today to talk about Pisces and Scorpio. Pisces and Scorpio might both be water signs, but when these two are together, you only get fire (too much? sorry not sorry).

As a proud (maybe?) Pisces I'm here to tell you that Scorpio is a sign that ignites the real passions in a Pisces, and it can work in and out of the bedroom. The two signs work in conjunction, filling out the others' flaws and weak spots, creating powerful energy.


Let's first delve into what the two signs bring independently.


Alright, I'll selfishly start off with my own sign. Pisces is the watery, mutable sign of the zodiac. We're dreamers, thoughtful, emotional, and connected to ourselves and others in a way that could almost be considered creepy. We can sense things (not in a paranormal way, just the nonverbal cues that you're giving us). We don't appreciate liars, and we are fatally attracted to intense and interesting types.


A mutable sign means that Pisces tend to go with the flow, taking in other people's energy, rather than being moored to a predetermined idea about how things should be. Pisces is intuitive, picking up on people, and we're carers - caring for people brings us joy.


Now, let's move on to Scorpio. Like Pisces, Scorpio is a water sign, but unlike Pisces, Scorpio is a fixed sign. This makes them stable. Sometimes they try to avoid change and keep things the same. Scorpio is generally logical, curious, and empathetic.


Scorpio can be a mysterious sign - they're not prone to giving away their secrets lightly, but like Pisces, they are also empathetic and caring. The most difficult part of Scorpio is that they can be secretive and jealous, although that tends to be in response to feeling insecure.

Pisces + Scorpio

Now, this is where the fireworks happen! When Pisces and Scorpio combine, fireworks happen. Let's go through the major points:


1. Sensual Energy

Pisces are generally submissive in the bedroom, and Scorpios are generally dominant. So right from the start, we can see there's a bit of synergy in this domain! Because both signs have a sensual and intuitive side, this naturally comes out under the sheets. There may not always be much verbal communication happening between these two signs but there's plenty of non-verbal cues going on.


Scorpios can be overwhelming for their partners due to their intensity and desire to take the lead. However, Pisces although being mutable and submissive, thrives on passion and intensity. A Pisces can connect with all that Scorpio energy that can scare other signs away.

2. Honesty and transparency

Despite Scorpio being more on the secretive side of the scale, these two signs actually match up very well in terms of honesty and transparency, with both valuing honesty and disliking lying. Due to Pisces' intuitive and psychic nature, there's no keeping secrets or point trying to hide things.


Scorpios don't trust others as a force of habit, but their connection with Pisces, and their shared desire for truth, means that this is often bypassed completely with Pisces. Equally, we Pisces, in our hearts, are hopeless romantics and this offers a sense of peace to Scorpios.

3. Communication

Neither Pisces nor Scorpio is the most communicative sign of the Zodiac. Pisces, especially because of our desire to live in our inner world, tend to avoid communication and especially conflict. Scorpios can be secretive and mysterious, but they also have a tendency to be blunt when it comes to expressing their thoughts which can be hurtful to the more sensitive Pisces.


However, once these little things get ironed out, the strong and intuitive connection that the two signs share leads to fairly effortless and easy communication. The only thing to watch out for is that both signs aren't retreating into their typical qualities of not communicating (Pisces) or being overly blunt (Scorpio) and that both signs accept being sometimes out of their comfort zones then everything should go smoothly on this front.


4. Love

This is the big one. Everything above seems to point to Scorpio and Pisces being a good match in love and, thankfully, it's true! The two signs have so much energy and unspoken tension between them that they are very well matched in love. Pisces are strongly attracted to complicated and mysterious types, and basically, all Scorpios are somewhat complicated and mysterious. On the other hand, Scorpios are calmed by the dreamy and emotional energy that surrounds Pisces.


In matters of love, the two signs can counteract the worst aspects of each other. Scorpio can bring Pisces back to the real world if we enter too far into our dream world or depression and Pisces can calm an overactive and paranoid Scorpio mind. Along with the passion and the communication, you can see why these two signs make such a strong couple.

If you're a Scorpio or Pisces and find yourself in a relationship with the other sign, treat it gently! The two signs have such a connection that you should cherish the moments and the connection. Watch out for the speed bumps, but mainly feel the rush that comes from being with a great match!