The Part Of Your Body You Wash First In A Bath Shows A Lot About Your Personality

It’s a given – any normal and responsible human being takes hygiene very seriously. To most people, washing is an important part of their daily routine. You could have very strict bath routines, and that’s perfectly fine.

But have you ever taken time to consider what your baths are like? Evidence now tells us that the body part you clean first could offer important clues regarding your personality. So, there is more to the way you take a bath than you initially thought.

Subconsciously, you choose to wash a certain body part first because your personality demands it. Here is a breakdown of the body parts people wash first and what it says of their personalities to satisfy your curiosity.

1. Hair

People who wash their hair first tend to love order and discipline. If you fall into this category, you are also highly likely to have very strong opinions about some issues, although you are very practical. You are also someone who values your mind’s power and you are very confident about sharing your opinions with others.

2. Face

If the face is the first thing you wash when you get in the shower, then you are someone who cares about your 5 basic senses (taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing). You are also concerned about the way you appear to others, which is why you take care of your face first. You can often seem anxious because the way people see you is a big deal.

3. Shoulders and Neck

Washing your shoulders and neck is an indication that you are a hardworking person. You subconsciously wash these body parts first because they are the most tired. This group of bathers also tend to be very competitive and always find a way to edge out their competition.

4. Chest

If you wash your chest first, you are very confident and quite comfortable and proud of who you are. When it comes to opinions and thoughts, you are also very straightforward. People who wash their chests first tend to be very practical and independent. They are also go-getters who put in the effort to get what they want.

5. Back

If you wash your back first, you are someone who watches your back, figuratively speaking. In other words, you have trust issues, and people don’t get into your life so easily. This might have something to do with the fact that you went through some form of trauma in the past, especially as a result of a betrayal.

6. Private Parts

This is certainly an interesting place to start washing your body, but there is nothing unusual about it to someone who does it. People who do this tend to be shy and reserved, and you might even have some self-esteem issues. It is also difficult for you to stand up for yourself, although you know how to make people feel comfortable around you.

7. Arms and Legs

Someone who washes their arms and legs the first thing they start taking a bath is usually very humble and simple. Limbs signify strength and resilience, but they are also an indication that you are someone who is grounded.

This kind of person also likes to express themselves freely, both verbally and physically. You are full of energy and do not seem to tire easily.