The Only Way To Attract The Kind Of Love You Deserve

What is the true meaning of love? That’s a question I always come across on social media, and I’m left wondering; why the rising concern about the real meaning of love. Is it because you’ve been accused of not doing it right? Or you’re asking out of uncertainty in a relationship? Either way, we’ve been down this road before, and I always insist that love is love and should be given time to explain itself. If you don’t feel it, watch out, you may be in the wrong relationships.

I believe that love is involuntary. Yes, it’s like thirst, or in other words, we can say it’s a craving for a specific person. It’s healthy and natural to lose control regardless of whether it’s your first time or you’re an expert. I posted a question on Twitter a few weeks ago, asking my followers what they felt was holding them back from finding the love they deserve. I realized that most of the replies focused on the fact that they never felt worthy of it in the first place.

Today, toxic relationships are common to the point that they are even accepted as usual. We find ourselves questioning the happy couples with the thought they aren’t doing it right. To me, this mindset is the roadblock to the kind of love that we deserve. I have been in relationships before, and many times I felt that he wasn’t treating me right, yet I ignored that feeling and hoped I would be able to change him. Honestly, it’s hard to change a man to fit your ideal type. It is at this point that we fail terribly by not knowing when to hit the quit button.

I believe you’ve been heartbroken before. I’ve also been on the same road many times. I think I even lost count. If you’ve never been down this road, perhaps it’s time you checked if you’re in the right relationship. To me, I believe that heartbreaks are the best teachers on how to go about the relationship. As I said before, love is like thirst, and it is from these heartbreaks that you learn how to treat the addiction.

Ask me if true love exists and I will promise that it does, and there is plenty of it. The problem is that we ladies find it hard to love again after that heartbreak. We tend to be cold and untrusting. It’s allowed, of course, it’s OK to be extra cautious. But you need to ask yourself, are the extra precautions bringing you any good or more harm? If it’s the latter, then you’re doing it wrong.

I will say that the only way to attract the kind of love that you deserve is to be lovable, or in other words, give love first. We both know that all men are not the same, and being cold-hearted is one way to shut out even the good ones. I know it’s hard to give love first, especially for those of us with trust issues. Remember, men will treat you the same way you treat them on the first meet up.

So, if you’re looking for the kind of love you deserve, it’s about time you let loose and live in the moment. Don’t let your past ruin your happiness. You can try hugging a friend, smiling or giving compliments to strangers, and opening yourself up. Don’t be surprised at how positively people will respond to you.