The Only 7 Gym Machines Worth Using

the only 7 gym machines worth using

First of all, there are plenty of effective bodyweight exercises you can use to keep yourself fit. In fact, not every gym machine is worth using.

However, a few gym machines stand out for one reason or another, which will be our focus today. Such machines are especially great for people who are just trying to get started on their fitness journeys.

Machines are also much safer than free weights when you want to enjoy a greater range of motion. In fact, they are recommended for people recovering from injuries as they offer more control.

The machines we will look at will help you gain strength and achieve the perfect form.

1. Rowing Machine

The Only 7 Gym Machines Worth Using

This machine is perfect for cardio, which means it works out the whole body. If you are keen on getting some endurance training, this is the perfect machine for you.

A treadmill is just like a rowing machine in that it can help you achieve the same fitness goal.

After working out on this machine, you should have an easier time if you spend lots of time sitting in front of a computer.

2. Cable Biceps Bar

The Only 7 Gym Machines Worth Using

As per the name, this machine will work out your biceps. This machine is great because it will help you avoid swinging, which often happens when using free weights to work the biceps.

By controlling your movement, the cable biceps bar ensures you get the most out of your workout.

3. Hanging Leg Raise

This workout machine will work out your core and hip flexors. The good thing is that it is easy to use and helps you build your core (including the abs) in an easy way without having to swing your legs.

All you have to do is support yourself with your arms as you lift your legs.

4. Horizontal Leg Press Machine

The Only 7 Gym Machines Worth Using

This machine will improve your quads, calves, glutes, and hamstrings. So, if you want to train your lower body, this is the machine for you.

The leg press machine will also help you make an easier transition to squats.

5. Cable Triceps Bar

The Only 7 Gym Machines Worth Using

Also called the cable triceps pushdown, this is the perfect machine to work the triceps. You can use this machine to work out your triceps and prep them for push-ups and pull-ups.

This machine ensures that there is balance in your arms as you work out.

6. Lat Pulldown

The lat, or the latissimus dorsi, which is also the broadest muscle in your back, gets a pretty great workout with this machine. That is the muscle you normally use when doing pull-ups.

So, if you want to be a pro at pull-ups at some point down the road, this machine should set you on the right path. It will strengthen your back muscles considerably.

If you are just getting started, using an under grasp is a great idea so that you can use the biceps. You can adjust the difficulty level by moving your hands closer or farther apart.

7. Chest Press

When using this machine, you can work out your chest, biceps, and triceps. The motion of this machine is similar to that of a push-up.

This machine will prepare you for other important workouts as it will build your chest, biceps, and even triceps. That makes it great for beginners.

Other Great Gym Machines You Can Try

The Only 7 Gym Machines Worth Using

Of course, the machines we have talked about are not the only ones you can use the next time you visit the gym. For instance, the treadmill can also give you a great cardio workout.

Other options include the stationary bike and the elliptical trainer.

Tips On Choosing The Right Weights When Working Out Using Machines

The Only 7 Gym Machines Worth Using

Using machines is great, but what's better is your ability to use them properly. For instance, if the workout leaves you feeling mildly tired, then you did not set the resistance level properly.

Similarly, if you are unable to complete your set, you have also put the difficulty setting too high.

Of course, the weight you use on the machine should also depend on the number of repetitions you intend to complete before your workout is done. If you want 12 reps, you should use less weight than when you are only looking to do 6 repetitions.

Finally, remember to adjust the machine properly so that it is comfortable for you based on your body. If the seat is too high or low or forces you into strange and uncomfortable positions, you might end up doing yourself more harm than good due to injuries.

Does This Mean Machines Rule?

The Only 7 Gym Machines Worth Using

Granted, bodyweight workouts and kettlebells are incredibly popular at the moment. However, that does not mean machines don't have a place in this fitness world.

A few of them are terrific, especially if you are starting out or looking to have a more controlled workout experience. As you can see, these machines can give you any kind of workout you can think of, which means you can get by using only machines.