The Mysterious Case Of The Abandoned Boeing 737 Found In A Field

An abandoned Boeing 737 stands as one of Bali's most renowned tourist attractions, yet the mystery surrounding its origin adds to its intrigue.

Resting quietly in a limestone quarry beside the Raya Nusa Dua Selatan Highway, this plane's presence remains a puzzle to all.

According to the area's residents, it is speculated that an entrepreneur may be responsible for bringing the plane here, piece by piece, and assembling it in this desolate location.

Local beliefs suggest that the entrepreneur's intention was to transform the plane into a restaurant, but unfortunately, financial constraints prevented the realization of this ambitious dream.

As a result, the colossal plan remains abandoned, leaving visitors with a captivating enigma.

Mammoth Boeing 737 That Lies Abandoned In Bali

What's even more intriguing is that this isn't the only abandoned Boeing 737 in the vicinity.

Another one can be found near a Dunkin' Donuts establishment, attracting tourists just like its counterpart by the highway.

However, pinpointing its exact location can be a bit challenging. A travel guide vaguely mentions that it can be found next to a cluster of shipping containers.

Remarkably, the aircraft lacks any visible branding or identification. Alongside speculations of its intended use as a restaurant, there are also claims that it once served as a living space.

According to reports, this plane purportedly arrived on the island in 2007 and has been captivating tourists since 2018.

But That Is Not the Only Abandoned Plane In The Area!

In 2021, there were numerous reports of a puzzling sight at Nyang-Nyang beach—an airplane precariously positioned atop a cliff.

Speculations point towards an investment by Felix Demin as the mastermind behind this intriguing installation.

With the tourism sector in Indonesia suffering from the impact of Covid protocols, Demin believed that an abandoned Boeing 737 would undoubtedly capture people's curiosity.

His vision for this location involves transforming it into a sought-after photography spot, catering to both amateur and professional enthusiasts.

Additionally, he has ambitious plans to convert the barren plane into unique tourist accommodation, adding a touch of novelty to the experience.

Hailing from Russia and now a resident of Bali, this enterprising individual revealed that he stepped in when the previous owners of the plane intended to sell it as scrap to China.

Overcoming logistical hurdles, it took a week to transport the complete aircraft. Opinions regarding the placement of the plane have been divided.

While Demin holds optimistic views, envisioning the project as a catalyst for reviving the ailing tourism sector, others harbor doubts. Certain social media users have expressed concerns about the potential impact of the plane on the scenic sea view, raising valid apprehensions.

If you're eager to catch a glimpse of the original Boeing 737, Tony Dunnell, spokesperson for Atlas Obscura, has some helpful suggestions. According to him, locating the aircraft is relatively simple if you are aware of the right places to search.

Expanding on this, he further elaborated, "The view of the plane is obstructed from the highway, so you need to keep your eyes open, or you could easily miss it. When you come across a wall of sea containers on the side of the road, you have arrived. You can see the plane by climbing up onto the containers that surround it. Or, for a better view, head slightly further down the road where you'll find a path that leads up above the plane. You'll have to pay a small fee to enter, as the plane is on private property."