The Mountain Has Married His Girlfriend In Iceland

The Mountain Has Married His Girlfriend In Iceland

Love knows no boundaries. I had not fully understood this famous metaphor until Hafr Júlíus Björnsson, popularly known as the mountain man confessed his love for Kelsey Morgan Henson. The mountain man displayed his softer side contrary to the Game of Thrones scenes in which we saw him furiously crushing a man's skull.

Kelsey, on the other hand, is tiny compared to the mountain man, but their long-term love finally bore fruits when they got married. The trending photos of their wedding were taken from Björnsson's native land; Iceland, making all their fans feeling they were all wed there. Before we melt the ice in Iceland let's explore some little facts about the mountain man that you didn't know.

• He is 6 ft and 9 inches tall weighing approximately 403 pounds.

• He was once a basketballer, but after injuring his knee, he started competing in strong man's competitions. His strength has been showcased after winning Iceland's most robust seven times and Europe's most muscular man three times.

• He eats over 10,000 calories a day to keep his physique.

• Cersei Lannister is his favorite character in the show.

• He can bench press about 507 pounds which can be equated to the strength of a full-grown grizzly bear.

• He nabbed the role of the mountain man during the Game Of Thrones exhibition after lifting a man in front of the casting team.

• The great-sword that he handles in his scenes is the size of a human being, but he seems comfortable when swinging it.

Going by this, Kelsey might be feeling tiny in his arms. However, this raises a lot of questions about their relationship. One of the most curious fans on their Instagram page asked how does Kelsey reach up to kiss such a gigantic man. Kelsey responded humorously, by explaining that he picks her up; which somehow makes some sense.

Additionally, the two are reported to have met way back in 2017 in a bar when Kelsey asked for a picture with the mountain man, and since then they have never relented on their love. The two have been dating since then after meeting in Earl's Kitchen and Bar in Alberta. Coincidentally, Kelsey was working there as a waitress, and the mountain man happened to drop by for the strongman competition. Kelsey decided to ask him for a picture, and that was it.

This fantastic couple loves training together for body fitness at Thor's gym. Interestingly, despite Kelsey's tiny body, she can lift twice her body weight. In line with this, the mountain man (Björnsson) revealed his diet plan and workout routine. Through this, his fans' expectations have grown wild, and they can never stop contemplating how the final series of the Game of Thrones will be unfolding right in front of their screens.

Their wedding photos became the talk of the town seeing such a beautiful couple enjoying their honeymoon. Kelsey in one of her Instagram photos said that she is looking forward to pulling her guy around for the rest of her life, and her love for him is beyond measure. Sounds like true love! Let us all wish this newest happy couple unforgettable days of joy and successful marriage life.