The Most Popular Movies on Netflix According To The Top 10 Trending List
The Most Popular Movies on Netflix According To The Top 10 Trending List

Did you know that Netflix originally started out as the world’s first online DVD rental store? Way back in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, you could order the latest big movies and have the DVDs delivered right to your door. Eventually, Netflix introduced a subscription price, and of course, ultimately they turned to streaming.

Now, Netflix is a huge part of our lives. It’s where we binge our favorite shows, get scared by true crime documentaries, and fill up on newly released rom-coms. But how do we know what everyone else is watching?

Secretive About The Details

The Most Popular Movies on Netflix According To The Top 10 Trending List

Netflix has been criticized before for being secretive about its data. For example, they rarely release audience numbers or ratings. This means that fans are often shocked when their favorite shows are canceled. Goodbye One Day At a Time! Farewell Santa Clarita Diet!

In fact, Netflix has tried to say that some of their shows and movies would have broken box office records if they were in movie theatres. But without the numbers, we just don’t know!

The Netflix Top 10

The Most Popular Movies on Netflix According To The Top 10 Trending List

Thankfully, the streaming service brought in the Top 10 feature in February, which shows what’s most popular on Netflix right now. Lucky for us, Travis Bean from Forbes took the time to put together a list of the most popular content that’s ever appeared in the Top 10.

Bean looked at every single movie and TV show that’s been on the Top 10 and gave each one numerical value. If something was at number 1 in the Top 10 list, then it got 10 points, at number 2 it got 9 points, and so on. From that, we can see what the most popular movies and shows are on Netflix right now! Let’s take a look:

10. Uncut Gems

In at number 10 is 2019 American crime thriller Uncut Gems, starring Adam Sandler. Now, this movie is part of a new generation of films – like The Irishman ­– that premiere on streaming services rather than in cinemas. Uncut Gems did screen at film festivals and had a limited theatrical release in the US, but its international premiere was via Netflix. No wonder so many people are tuning in!

9. Space Jam

According to Bean’s research on the Top 10 list, animation is pretty popular on Netflix. This classic half-animated, half-live action basketball romp features the lovable Looney Tunes and living legend Michael Jordan. Maybe the success of miniseries The Last Dance (also on Netflix) got people in the mood for more Jordan.

8. Code 8

In at number 8 is another movie, this time a Canadian science-fiction action film. In the movie, a man with superpowers works with criminals to raise money for his sick mother. There’s more coming for fans of this movie, as the creators have made a short spin-off series for new platform Quibi.

7. The Willoughbys

Back for more animated fun, number 7 is stop-motion comedy film the Willoughbys. The cast of this 2020 movie is star-packed, including Maya Rudolph, Terry Crews, Jane Krakowski, and Ricky Gervais.

6. Extraction

Clearly action movies go down well on Netflix. The sixth most popular piece of content on the Top 10 list is action movie Extraction. Importantly, this movie features Chris Helmsworth, which basically explains everything.

5. Angel Has Fallen

The stars are back on board for the third installment from the Fallen film series. Featuring Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Jada Pinkett Smith, and more, the movie follows secret service agent Mike Banning as he tries to clear his name.

4. The Wrong Missy

And now for something a little lighter. In at number 4 on the Netflix Top 10 list is brand new rom-com The Wrong Missy. Starring David Spade and Lauren Lapkus, this is another new flick that chose to premiere on Netflix rather than in theatres.

3. Spenser Confidential

Netflix viewers must really love action because in at number 3 is another high-stakes movie. However, while this movie does follow Mack Wahlberg as an ex-cop and an ex-convict, it’s actually more of a comedy. Based on a novel, this movie also hit Netflix rather than theatres.

2. Despicable Me

Will we ever tire of Despicable Me? The animated classic came out in 2010 – a whole decade ago! – and yet we still love those adorable minions. Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-na! We could say it’s down to kids hitting repeat on Netflix, but then we’d be denying how great a movie it is.

1. The Angry Birds Movie 2

Now, we don’t know if we’d agree that The Angry Birds Movie 2 is as much of a classic as Despicable Me. But we can’t deny it’s the most popular thing that’s been on Netflix since February. Hard to believe, right?

Go Forth And Watch

The Most Popular Movies on Netflix According To The Top 10 Trending List

Looking at this list tells us some interesting things about what people like to watch in their spare time. It can feel like we’re all binging the same thing, but Netflix has so much content that there’s bound to be something you’re missing.

Check out something on this list, or go exploring yourself. Regardless, go forth and watch!