The Most Loyal And Intellectual People You Will Ever Meet Are Usually Loners

The Most Loyal And Intellectual People You Will Ever Meet Are Usually Loners

How much do we actually know ourselves? Every day, many stimuli bombard us from different sources and directions.

There are times we succumb to societal pressures more than what is fulfilling and healthful for us. Other times, we can rise above the onslaught and welcome its challenges.

We succeed in bringing together our collective wisdom from past experiences. We conscientiously discriminate and choose what we believe will serve our passion and purpose as individuals.

The Individual Principle

As individuals, we are aware of our strengths, limitations, and responsibilities. We are more capable of giving back to the community. And are receptive to other people's vulnerabilities.

We accommodate their perspectives and feelings without tipping the balance against inner peace and personal standards.

Personal Awareness

First, we are honest and real with ourselves, and we radiate personal accountability to others. We are first loyal to our morals and in tune with our deepest needs.

We do not live alone for ourselves. Therefore, we meet the growing need for loyalty to make a relationship or a connection work. We are personally aware and we have a social conscience.

We know and value the principle of giving back, so we can receive. This principle is the basis for a satisfying social and personal relationship. The world survives because not all people are takers who are focused on meeting their needs alone.

We take so that what we take will fulfill our purpose, which is to be able to give back. And the process goes on and on.

The Social Principle

The give and take principle is based on personal survival and social awareness. It could be a reason why there are loners among us.

Individuals have an evolved social conscience. They choose to spend a lot of time being alone. They think and reflect on their choices and their consequences on people and relationships.

Loners should not be bothered that people will think this habit of spending time alone is strange and wasteful. They should not think it is socially inefficient and backward.

Most thinkers and people who stand by their personal and universal values have rich inner lives.

It may seem as if they live in a world all their own. People may not understand and think it irrelevant. An ideal point of view generates innovations and developments in the world.

The Collective Principle

The individual point of view is not lost to the collective consciousness or the social trend. Rather, the individual can meet the crowd half-way to creating civilization.

We have leaders because these individuals were brave to spend time alone. They keep refining what is true to them and making adjustments to fulfill these truths on a social level.

The crowd can pressure an individual, but only individuals can stand apart and lead a crowd.