The Most Effective Ways To Sharpen Your Intuition

The Most Effective Ways To Sharpen Your Intuition

All of us are born with intuition; it's a built-in skill we all have. Over the years, with all of the outside influences along with our busy modern lives, our intuition gets faded out. Intuition is the 6th sense, your gut instinct, your inner voice that always knows the best path for you in anything you do in life or where you need to go. Sadly very few of us use our intuition to our full advantage or even know how to use it.

The best way to find some peace of mind and confidence about your life choices is by developing your intuition.

Do you feel out of touch with that inner voice, your gut instinct? Well, you can strengthen and develop that voice to serve as your most loyal, best friend — the one that always has your back, cheering you on, and has your best interest at heart.

Hearing clearly this "inner voice" or "gut feeling" is very much possible if we know how to do it. Here are some effective ways to sharpen our intuition, shared to us by Sonia Choquette. Sonia Choquette has been teaching people how to unleash their intuition for more than 35 years. She has also been the personal intuitive advisor to Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Julia Cameron, and even Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins.

In these steps, Sonia explains how you can begin to recover the ability to hear your inner voice.

1. Seek Solitude

We're living in a world where there's an overload of information, disinformation, other people's input, and advertising. With all of this going on, it can be difficult to distinguish between your inner voice and the voice of the outside world.

Try and put aside just 30 minutes each day for some quiet time to listen to yourself. Ask some questions and listen. You will be surprised by the answers that come to you. Just use this time to sit and let your thoughts flow. This time can also be used to journal, writing any thoughts or ideas that spring to mind.

Whether you take this time to meditate or journal, these 30 minutes gives you the space to get back in touch with who you are, the true essence of yourself, and not what society wants us to be.

To sharpen your intuition, you need to become aware of how your inner voice speaks to you. When you have a better idea of who you are, your intuition becomes stronger and stronger until it overrides all outside voices and influences.

2. Put Yourself In Someone Else's Shoes

An integral part of your intuition is the capability to feel what someone else is feeling or going through. It's such a natural thing you may not have realized you do this already. This usually happens when you're with someone, and you pick up their mood whether they're happy or sad, even without them telling you. Or being in a group of strangers and you can feel or sense that someone is feeling out of placed or stressed.

This energy or feeling you're picking up is coming from your intuition. To build your intuition in relationships, you have to let go of any judgment and practice putting yourself in someone else's shoes.

When you do this, it helps you to read people on a much deeper level. When your intuition grows in strength, you have much more positive outcomes when it comes to meeting a soulmate, business partner, or friend.

3. Acknowledging Your Vibes

Not many acknowledge the fact that we all have vibes, every one of us.

Every time you suddenly "feel" something, it's important to acknowledge the feeling, focus on it, and try and figure out what it could mean or trying to tell you. It might be best noted when you meet people, for example, what kind of a vibe have you left feeling afterward? Is it a positive or negative vibe? This is your intuition trying to tell you something, but it's up to you whether you acknowledge it and act on it.

4. Play The "I Wonder" Game

A great way to get your intuition to come out and play with you.

Try saying to yourself, "I wonder...," and whatever is the first thing that comes to mind, finish the sentence with it. Don't try and push your thoughts in any direction. Let your mind wander in wonderment.

"I wonder what color the next car that drives by will be."

"I wonder who's going to call me next."

"I wonder what will be on special at the store today."

"Wondering is the front door to intuition," says Sonia, and this game allows your mind to go beyond logical thinking and dig into intuition.

5. Let Your Intuition Make Money For You

You might be surprised to know some of the wealthiest and successful people around the world rely on their intuition to help bring in big money.
Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates have all publicly credited intuition for their success.

Most people go through life never having a clear path or a destination or how to get there. Next time try tuning into your intuition when you work with money, rather than the trial and error method. It can save you money and heartache.

Your intuition already knows how things will work out if things will go wrong or a business partner is cheating you out of deals. Your intuition knows where your strength lies.

Listening to your intuition, tuning in, and letting your intuition guide you, you will be taking on the shortcut to a life of abundance and the best possible outcomes for you.