The Most Apparent Signs That Your Partner Is Deeply In Love With You Even If They Don't Say It (Confirmed By Specialists)

The Most Apparent Signs That Your Partner Is Deeply In Love With You Even If They Don't Say It (Confirmed By Specialists)

What is love? It's a question that many people often ask. From an expert's point of view, love is a feeling and thus unexplainable. It's a beautiful thing, especially when it's between two people who feel it for each other. However, at times, it's difficult to tell when your partner is madly in love with you. Some people, especially men, find it hard to express their feelings. Most men say the three words 'I love you' without really saying it at all, here are the top 10 signs to tell you that he is madly in love with you even if he doesn't say it.

1. You know all his friends and colleagues

When it comes to relationships, most men take their time to know their partners, before introducing them to their world. However, if he concludes that you're the one, he will not hesitate to introduce you to his friends and colleagues. Therefore, if you know almost all his friends and colleagues at work, he really loves you.

2. He loves spending time with you

Today, and with the hustle and bustle of the city, it can be difficult to secure spare time even for someone you love, without disruption. However, if your partner is madly in love with you, he will always find some time to be around you. For example, the regular lunch dates and evening hangouts are assurance that he enjoys your company. If your partner is always looking for you to hang out, be sure he isn't ready to lose you soon.

3. He's always checking on you

Your partner may not tell you that he loves you verbally, but his regular texts and calls can be a confirmation. If he is always texting or calling you, it's a confirmation that he is always thinking about you.

4. He's always the first to apologize

A relationship isn't always a smooth ride. There are ups and downs. A healthy relationship will always have its quarrels. The method your partner uses to solve the quarrel can tell if he is into you. If he is the type that never accepts when he's wrong, it's high time you confirmed his feeling for you. A man who truly loves you will always accept his mistakes and apologize. The apology is because he cares about you and never wishes to see you hurt.

5. You know his family

Taking your partner to your parents is usually the last action to take before going ahead with the wedding. A man introduces his wife to the parents when he is sure he's ready to settle with her. Therefore, if you already know half of his family or more, be sure he already has you in his future. He may not say it, but this is a straightforward confirmation.

6. He's keen on little details about you

Does he remember what dress you wore on your first date? Does he know your favorite color even when you haven't told him? Is he always surprising you with your favorite wine? If he knows all that, know that he loves you and wants to know more about you. Men are known to have a bad memory when it comes to petty details such as favorite colors.

7. He involves you in his plans

If he truly loves you, he will always consult you in his life decisions. He may ask for your assistance when it comes to choosing a new house, for example. The involvement may not mean much to you, but to him, he feels as if you're already part of his life. Hence, he can't stand making a quick move which may end up angering you in the future.

8. You're always the first to receive the good news

Let's say, your partner receives a job promotion, and you're the first he informs. He may not have told you the three important words, 'I love you,' but that's an assurance that you're his priority. He could have chosen to inform his family or friends first, but he chose you. If he is always doing that, he definitely loves you. He is among the category that doesn't know to express love verbally.

9. He is always encouraging you to keep going

Today's world is filled with ups and downs. The workplaces, for example, aren't the best places to be. Many are times you find yourself thinking of quitting to avoid the stress, but what makes you rise and head to work the following morning, with a happy face? Maybe it's because you have to pay the bills, but there's a better chance that it's because of your partner. Is he always comforting you during those troubling evenings? Is he always telling you to keep pushing and hope for the better? If the answer is yes, he loves you. The encouragement should say to you that he wants what's best for you. He can't stand you regretting a poor decision you made out of anger.

10. He is a good listener

Communication is crucial. In a relationship, effective communication is vital to prevent many quarrels. Being a good listener is one way to ensure a successful connection. If your man is the type that takes time to listen to everything you utter, he surely loves you. Being a good listener should tell you that he respects your opinions.

Love is a sweet thing, and that's when it's done with the right partner. At times it's hard for your partner to tell you they love you. However, you should not stress yourself. If he does all of these things, he really loves you.