The More Ink Someone Has, The Angrier They Are, According To Study

Tattoos make you look like a total bada*s, which is why many people think they make you cool. However, a study set out to find out just what kind of bada*s all that ink turns you into. The conclusion was that the amount of ink on you was directly related to how angry you are.

So, if you have tattoos all over your body, chances are that you are more verbally aggressive and often react with rebellion. All these are signs of anger, which is why the study concludes that more ink leads to more anger.

This is according to The Guardian, which published the intriguing findings. The study was done in the UK, and 378 adults took part in the study.

So, the phrase “tattooed rebel” might have some basis after all. Long considered a misconception, it appears that people with a lot of tattoos are typically more rebellious.

The subjects in the study were evaluated based on four main personality traits. These were hostility, verbal and physical aggression, and anger. Questions administered during the study touched on issues such as whether the subject would hit someone with enough provocation.

The study also looked at rebellion among the subjects, categorizing the trait into proactive and reactive rebellion. Proactive rebellion is whereby someone actively pursues rebellious activities for the thrill of it, while reactive rebellion is whereby someone acts rebelliously out of something like frustration.

To gauge rebelliousness, the subjects were asked whether they had an urge to do something after being told not to, or how they would react when someone in authority provoked them.

Anyway, when all the data was collected and analyzed, a startling discovery was made.

In general, those with tattoos had a greater level of reactive rebelliousness when compared to those without tattoos. In other words, having tattoos makes you more likely to rebel out of anger and frustration because it makes it harder for you to walk away from provocation.

The study went on to conclude that having tattoos also made it more likely for you to show verbal aggression and anger.

Even more puzzling was the finding that women were more likely to exhibit these traits than their male counterparts.

The scientist’s theories

The scientists have some theories on why the study showed these kinds of results. One of the arguments is that people will often respond to disappointment and frustration by getting tattooed. In itself, this is an act of rebellion since having tattoos is traditionally seen as a sign of defiance.

However, there were also no differences in proactive rebelliousness among tattooed and non-tattooed adults. A possible explanation for this is that proactive rebellion is goal-driven, and has no connection to the pain and permanence that comes with getting tattoos. Still, adults with tattoos showed a greater level of verbal aggression and anger.

On the other hand, there are notable ways in which getting inked affects your personality. Tattoos are losing their reputation as signs of defiance, and these differences might be eliminated over time.

On another note, the tattoos were shown to improve self-esteem, especially among women. But as the self-esteem went up, so did the level of aggression. Also, women without tattoos were also more likely to attempt suicide.