The More Educated You Are, The Less Guys Want To Date You

The More Educated You Are, The Less Guys Want To Date You

Most guys are intimidated by smart, strong women. This has always been knowledge gathered by experience rather than scientific facts. However, that is no longer the case. A study done by researchers at the Michigan University, led by the professor of sociology Elizabeth Bruch, proves that this is true; the more education you have, the fewer men desire to have a relationship with you.

A study of online dating in Science Advances focused on showing the truth on searching for love on the internet. They reviewed messages sent on popular dating sites of a hundred and eighty-six thousand straight men and women in four main American cities; Seattle, Chicago, Boston, and New York.

They found out that desirability is related to education more to educated men. In the case of women, they are more attractive with an undergraduate degree; education for postgraduate is related to reduced desirability in women. These observations have age-control; therefore, the latter conclusion is not because of women with the postgraduate education being older.

In men, education is crucial. Women desire smart men, and the more education they have, the more they find them attractive. Men might not be into high school-dropouts, but most of them don't want to date women who are too educated either.

A social psychologist at Buffalo University, Lora park, with her colleagues Paul Eastwick and Ariana Young, observed the reactions of guys to ladies they felt are smarter than they are. They concluded in three different studies that men desired educated women at a distance, but they are less attractive, emotionally and physically, when in close contact.

In another study, researchers put college male students in a hall to have a test with a certain college girl who was a "plant" or a "Confederate" of the team. The young lady was taking the same test with the other students and made less small talk prior to the start of the exam.

Later the results were distributed, and finally, the men were asked by the researchers if the young lady was attractive and whether they would like to date her.

From this study, it was found that guys who discovered the lady had outshined them in the test rated the woman less desirable and showed less willingness to share contact details or plan on dating her.

In regards to these studies, guys appear to be more attractive to women whom they perceive as less educated than them.

Although this observation may only be preliminary and was performed only in some parts of America, it reveals a pattern that appears to apply to most men and may be disheartening for some ladies. To add some facts, being ambitious and intelligent enough to achieve a PhD or Masters is something to admire. If men are insecure about their own intelligence, let them be.