The Montauk Project And Its Unbelievable Conspiracy Theories

The Montauk Project: Experimenting With Time Travel And Terrible Lessons From History

The Montauk Project was primarily based on how the mind responds to interdimensional travel. John von Neumann allegedly tried to connect computers with minds and succeeded. Using this connection, he influenced other people's minds, eventually opening a time portal in 1943. He even claimed that the mind could create matter at any time.

Many people believe that the Montauk project is still ongoing. The whole scenario is full of questions that we will probably never get answers to. After years of research, no official documents support the claims of invisibility or teleportation. A vow of silence about the Montauk project experiment has been implemented through all U.S. institutions.

Discovering The Montauk Chair

The Montauk Project: Experimenting With Time And Terrible Lessons Of History

The essential parts of the time machine from the Montauk project are man, chair, and the key that opens the door of time, located in the human mind.

As early as the late 1950s, the Montauk project team knew of sensitive electronic technology to duplicate human thought. The human mind-reading machine worked by "picking up" the human brain's electromagnetic impulses in the thought process. Then, it translated them into an understandable form expressed in words.

It consisted of a chair, cables that served as sensors, and three receivers for electromagnetic pulses (Hammarlund super Pro 600). It also had a large Gray 1 computer that wrote the human brain waves in letters on its screen. It is still a secret how this technology was discovered. There were rumors that the mind-reading technology was a gift from the aliens from the Sirius star system.

At first, the machine only read human thoughts. Then, it was able to register a person's feelings like an aura. Finally, it showed all captured human thoughts in a clear image on a computer screen. Whatever the respondent in the chair would think, the scientists watched on the screen as if on a live TV broadcast.

The Montauk project chair was perfected through tests during the 1960s and 1970s. But no one has yet suspected that they are actually "playing" with a time machine. In the summer of 1977, the transmitter of the Montauk project's chair reproduced in the yard of the base. The form was visible and accurate, and then it disappeared.

The excitement that arose at the base was unspeakable. The whole experiment was repeated with Durcan Cameron, a powerful psychic medium. Duncan sat down in a chair attached to all the devices and concentrated on the particular object. At that moment, an object appeared in the space in front of them. Real and easy to touch.

When Duncan's concentration disappeared, so did the object.

Opening The Time Portal

The Montauk Project: Experimenting With Time And Terrible Lessons Of History

During testing in 1979, an unusual phenomenon was observed. While projecting Duncan's thoughts or the objects he visualized, they would mysteriously disappear through the transmitter. And then they would appear even more mysteriously in a few hours, days, or even weeks. Materialized and real, in the base yard.

The initial confusion disappeared when they realized in Montauk what had happened. Duncan visualized the desired object according to the established procedure while sitting in the Montauk chair. However, he placed it quite unconsciously and spontaneously in another, future time in his mind. In other words, he made a successful breakthrough through time. The Montauk project became a time machine.

The entire base was obsessed with the newly discovered phenomenon. But, regardless of enthusiasm, little or no progress has been made. Sudden passages through time, objects visualized by Duncan, remained a rare and misunderstood phenomenon. That was until a completely unknown source, unknown to most of the participants in the experiment, came up with a draft of the device added to the already existing "Montauk chair."

The strange device was called the Orion Delta T Antenna because of rumors circulating that the actual constructors of the machine were aliens from Orion, also involved in the project.

Duncan Cameron sat in a "chair" above the new antenna for the first time in 1980. After a long mental training, he developed his psychic powers further. He concentrated vigorously on the present, i.e., the year 1980, and the time in the future, the year 1990. His visualizations were released through the antenna and the transmitter. Almost simultaneously, in the center of the underground Delta T antenna, a time door, or rather a time tunnel, opened. At the entrance, at the Montauk project base, it was 1980. At the other end of the tunnel was 1990.

The tunnel was several meters wide, and through it, one could look into an interior that resembled a living, moving spiral. In his book The Montauk Project, Preston Nichols wrote that it incredibly resembled artistic descriptions of time holes in science fiction films. A light could be seen at the end of the tunnel. At this initial stage, no one was allowed to enter the tunnel. The first time travelers were released only the following year, in 1981.

The Secret Crew Of The Montauk Project

The Montauk Project: Experimenting With Time And Terrible Lessons Of History

The new staff at the base was called the secret crew, and the time travel project itself was given a new name - PHOENIX III.

The secret crew did not suffer from a lack of travel fever. They went almost constantly into the past and the future. Going through the time hole was easy. The person who would enter was "sucked" into the passage and pushed to the exit. The same thing happened with the things they would wear. But it was a dangerous journey. The gateway of the Montauk project has never been entirely stable.

During numerous trips, people constantly disappeared and never returned. In the beginning, they were scientists, aware of what they were getting into. Later, New York homeless people were gathered under pressure, knowledgeable enough to tell what they saw if they returned alive. Yet, alienated so no one would ask where they had disappeared if the time door accidentally closed behind them.

Over time, passengers began carrying radio/video equipment and had live TV. Scientists of the Montauk project regularly followed past and future events via radio and television signals. All this recorded material is stored and well kept in some secret archive.

Interfering With Wars

The Montauk Project: Experimenting With Time And Terrible Lessons Of History

According to the memories of Preston B. Nichols, who was working in the tower at the time and took care of the transmitter, during 1982 and 1983, children were en masse in the passage of time. No one knew where these children came from, never older than 18 or younger than 10. From his position in the tower, Nichols noticed that all children were boys, blonde and blue-eyed.

They seemed to confirm the Nazi propaganda stereotypes about the Aryan race. Subsequently, Nichols' research showed that the Montauk project had an awkward Nazi past because German physicists joined the forerunners immediately after the war. But there was no explanation for sending blond boys through the gates of time. The meaning of this action is still unknown.

Perhaps some logical explanation lies in the fact that during the Montauk project, they often went to the past, to the First and Second World Wars. Nichols is convinced that they have closely followed the events in modern world history and that there is a possibility of intervention and attempts to change history. Maybe they intervened during Hitler's reign, and the blonde travelers went into the future.

Montauk Project On Mars

The Montauk Project And Its Unbelievable Conspiracy Theories

The first human spacecraft landed on Mars in 1962. Earthspace forces have established bases on the Moon and Mars since the early 1970s. Scientists were sent against their will, knowing the technique for their return was not safe.

Officially, we started going to the moon in 1969, and in reality, one human crew, Americans and Russians on a joint mission, landed on April 22, 1962. In the mid-1970s, the American satellite Viking 1 sent a series of photographs of the surface of Mars to Earth, which clearly showed the buildings, later called the Face, the Pyramids, and the Fortress. NASA has concealed all data.

By the early 1980s, thousands of photographs of the surface of Mars had already arrived on Earth. In Montauk, they knew that the buildings of Cydonia were not a "game of light and shadow," but that they really did exist and that they were artificially built.

Members of the colony on Mars sent word that they could not find the entrance to the pyramids. The entrance was either brilliantly concealed or non-existent. On the "red planet" surface are two small and one large pyramid, as far apart as those in Giza, Egypt. It turns out that the pyramid on Mars was built more accurately than even their counterparts in Giza.

A report from Mars read: "We used all known and available technology, but we failed to get inside the pyramid." The answer from Montauk was simple - "give us the coordinates of the underground area on Mars that you want to explore."

The scientists concluded that it is best to project their time traveler precisely into the center of the interior of the Great Pyramid on Mars. They passionately wanted to enter the rooms in the interior because they profoundly believed that the remains of some highly developed technology were hidden there. Their technology allowed them to tour under the impenetrable pyramid walls. It was a technique called the "Montauk chair."

The journey between Montauk and Mars began in early 1982. Mars was searched in detail, using the weather-gate, but its inhabitants were not found. Researchers had to go back 125,000 years before they came across them. It is unknown what they looked like or what all the people from the Montauk project found.

Exploration of Mars through time tunnels lasted until the summer of 1983.

Montauk Project's Beast

The Montauk Project: Experimenting With Time And Terrible Lessons Of History

Through a time hole, from an alternate reality, a monster whose origin no one has ever known has entered the physical reality of the Montauk project base. The beast was enormous, nervous, hungry, and dangerous. It began to swallow everything it saw and demolished the barracks in the base.

Interestingly, the beast was seen by a dozen people, and everyone described it differently. For some, the monster was two meters high, and for others, four or even five meters.

The terrified people at the base of the Montauk project quickly realized that the monster was attracted to electricity. A dangerous chase began to turn off all the lights and all other sources of electricity. Only the weather door, intentionally left open, worked. When the base went utterly dark, the monster disappeared into the air through the door of time. No one ever found out what kind of energy it was made of and what reality it belonged to.

But there was a clear warning that Montauk project-like experiments could degenerate. What would it be like if the monster disappeared over the base fence and headed to nearby settlements or the first city on the road? It is better not to imagine.

Weapons From Montauk Used

The Montauk Project: Experimenting With Time And Terrible Lessons Of History

In his first book, The Montauk Project, Preston Nichols reveals that at least one powerful and destructive weapon derived from the Montauk project's military workshop had been used in the 90s war. A weapon would prove the existence of the project and the scientists who were the first to pull the trigger on each of their deadly inventions.

In the chapter Control of thoughts and the Gulf war Nichols writes:

"I was on vacation when the Gulf War began. Therefore, I had enough time to follow the strong press conferences that were given on television every day. I especially like the live performances of our officers, because it often happens that they are reckless and say something that they have to refute later."

A CNN reporter said he had just returned from Kuwait, traveling with an American patrol. Suddenly, they noticed about thirty Iranian soldiers behind the neighboring dune. As they considered what to do and how to force the Iraqis to surrender, a U.S. military helicopter suddenly hovered over the Iraqi troops. Just moments later, as the aircraft was leaving and disappearing into the desert, the Iraqis emerged from the shelter with their hands held high and surrendered to a U.S. patrol.

This whole story was suspicious. The same Iraqi unit surrendered to one random enemy patrol without a fight. Strange to say the least, but it seems to have happened that way.

It is hard to believe that highly trained Iraqi soldiers, ready to die in battle, surrendered in front of helicopters with the PA system. However, the whole thing makes sense when it comes to an attack by helicopter with psychological transmitters that would emit DOR into bunkers, that is, an attack with helicopters armed with orgone cannons.

Montauk Today

The Montauk Project And Its Unbelievable Conspiracy Theories

The base of the Montauk project today looks completely abandoned, with a cobweb forming on the remains of once modern equipment. The door has been forcibly smashed, probably by local troublemakers who use this place to sleep over or drink their night drops.

But a visit to the base is still dangerous. It is not advisable to visit the "crime" site in person. It is still a place of great secrets.

The Montauk project inspired Stranger Things and continues to fill the minds of conspiracy theorists and mystery hunters.