The Mirror Effect Of The Empath And Why Some People Instantly Dislike You

Empaths are good people because they tend to be fast in reacting to other people's needs than any other category of people. They have strong feelings towards others.

Empaths care for other people who need them before they care for themselves. Some people don't like empaths, maybe because of how they behave. Some instantly reject them despite their motive of doing well.

People disliking other people is normal. Everybody has different behaviors and values. This makes it difficult for all of us to get along with each other well. Empaths are always troubled by the issue of people acting weirdly towards them despite their efforts of doing well.

The following are reasons that make many people dislike empaths and their behaviors:

1. Some people are jealous of the good heart possessed by empaths

Empaths are people with a very good heart. They love seeing everybody succeed and comfortable as well. They will do anything in their power to make sure that people around them do not go without.

However, not everybody wishes good for us! Some people just are not happy when we succeed. They always wish that we fail in what we do. This automatically means that these people will do anything possible to block our success.

2. Empaths act as a mirror in our society

Empaths act like a mirror in our society today. A mirror shows us our image and helps us correct mistakes if there are any. In the same way, empaths show us our weaknesses and mistakes, and they help us correct them.

Other people hide their personalities to manipulate others. There are also other people who hide their real character traits to fit in with society. They want to be served and treated with favor or respect at the expense of other people.

Empaths are capable of reflecting this back to them. They (Empaths) do this with a good intention or motive. They have the desire of seeing their fellows improve and being genuine in their doings. They correct them so that nobody suffers because of hypocrisy or ignorance caused by other people.

Empaths goal is to see a society where people co-exist in peace, love, and unity. The ability and good motive of Empaths correcting other people help them reflect back on their weaknesses for corrections. These reasons above make most people dislike them mainly because they tell them the truth.

3. They have a fast vibration

Empaths are very quick to act in anything. This is because they always want to help their friends. They also don't like it when things go wrong. Their vibration or quickness towards doing something makes people dislike them.

4. People interpret their stillness in the wrong way

Empaths are cool people. They will never disturb you when there is no need. This silence makes people think that empaths are classy people and don't want to interact with others. That illusion makes people dislike them.