The Mastermind (INTJ) Personality Type: Do You Have It?

The Mastermind (intj) Personality Type: Do You Have It?

I bet it's flattering to hear that you have the personality profile of a mastermind. After all, your company includes all-time heavyweights like Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, and Isaac Newton.

Seriously, who doesn't admire the astonishing brilliance of a mastermind? But do you really have the mastermind personality, also called the INTJ personality type profile?

You are probably wondering, what do the initials INTJ stand for? So, let's start with that.

INTJ stands for Introverted (I), Intuitive (N), Thinking (T), and Judging (J).

Therefore, the mastermind is a true introvert (Introverted). This person also likes to focus on the facts and details (Intuitive) and makes decisions based on logic or reason (Thinking). The mastermind does not like being spontaneous but prefers to plan and organize (Judging).

These are the most basic INTJ personality traits. They should give you a pretty good clue as to whether you belong to this personality type or not.

But there is more you need to know before you can definitively prove you have this rare and powerful personality trait.

The INTJ Personality Test: Undeniable Signs You're An INTJ Personality Type

the mastermind (intj) personality type: do you have it?

It's easy knowing you are an INTJ personality, as this in-depth profile will help you determine.

I should emphasize that the INTJ mastermind likes to have everything planned out.

Whether you are going out for a social appointment or undertaking a project, you like having as much information as possible.

You look at the bigger picture, the details, and everything else that has an impact on what you are about to do. That's why INTJ career matches include engineering, professional chess playing, or other professions where attention to detail and the need for meticulous planning are important.

So, what causes the INTJ personality trait?

Some of the traits found in masterminds are natural. However, the environment can also have a huge impact on the development of this personality type.

If the environment allows the INTJ personality traits to emerge, then it will. But if not, then this personality trait might not be evident.

As we already know by now, INTJs can be pretty adaptive to their environments. Consequently, they can easily assume a different personality if the environment calls for it.

But if you see the following signs, then you are most likely a mastermind.

1. Deep Intellect

the mastermind (intj) personality type: do you have it?

Masterminds are ultimately intellectuals, which is why they can piece so many things together and achieve a grand and magnificent goal. These folks rarely make mistakes. And when they do, nobody can get things back on track as effectively as they do.

INTJs leverage their brilliance when solving problems, which is why many people rally to them when they need their issues addressed. A mastermind always seems to have an effective answer to any problem put before them.

Obviously, not many people shine based on their superior intellect, which explains why some people often ask if INTJ is the rarest personality type.

As a mastermind, you can dissect complex topics very easily and come up with brilliant strategies while offering deep insights into whatever issue you have to address.

Rarely will you find a mastermind completely defeated because this personality type always has an idea about overcoming the next big challenge that pops up?

2. Fierce Independence

the mastermind (intj) personality type: do you have it?

There are not many masterminds around, which means this personality type does not have lots of people it can interact with on a very deep level. For this reason, INTJs tend to be very independent.

With your great ambitions, confidence, and brainpower, you get a lot of success on your solo ventures. As a great thinker and a highly intuitive individual, you can also adapt yourself to the world, although the focus is mostly on doing what makes you achieve your goals more easily.

The mastermind hates having to depend on anyone, and you are pretty comfortable on your own. With your judging trait, you can also be very organized and stick to a strict work ethic. Fortunately, the mastermind's ability to plan is unparalleled.

Similarly, masterminds don't suffer incompetence patiently. You tend to demand very high standards and can often come off as a perfectionist.

Being an intellect, mundane activities that don't engage your mind strongly easily get you bored. You always seek activities that make you think more deeply.

What Personality Type Should An INTJ Marry?

the mastermind (intj) personality type: do you have it?

I'm sure you are curious about INTJ relationships, especially romantic relationships. As we have just seen, these people are not very big on emotions - they like to make decisions based on logic.

So, what kind of person should the rational mastermind marry?

The most ideal partner for an INTJ is an ENFP. For a mastermind, the introversion trait stands out, which is balanced out by the extroversion of the ENFP.

Whether it's an INTJ female or male, the right partner for you is still an extroverted and intuitive person.

How Rare Is The INTJ Personality?

the mastermind (intj) personality type: do you have it?

Frankly, INTJs are very rare. Although these people are very capable, INTJ women account for only 0.8% of the total population.

All genders considered, only 2% of people in the world are INTJs. That's a shame because the world could really use more of these people's creativity and brilliance.

Hopefully, now that you know all about the INTJ personality, you no longer have to ask what personality type is the mastermind or wonder if you are an INTJ or not.