The Love Of Your Life Will Come After The Mistake Of Your Life

We have all probably gone through heartbreaks at some point in life. The one person whom you thought you could take a bullet for happens to be the one behind the trigger. This is a person who you had all kinds of fantasies about. You thought that you had finally met the ONE. You made plans for your future, shared with him your dreams and aspirations, only for him to walk all over them and leave you high and dry.

As much as you never imagined living a life without him, the feelings were definitely not mutual. He probably had other plans and guess what? You featured nowhere in his. He only sucked and drained the life out of you and walked away leaving you crushed.

How in the world would you still be okay after giving your all to him. You crossed oceans for someone who wouldn’t jump a puddle for you. Let me tell you. It wasn’t worth it. He didn’t deserve it and thank the universe it ended the way it did.

Think of it as a blessing in disguise. What if that was actually the best thing that ever happened to you? You were stupid in love and probably wouldn’t have walked away out of that abusive relationship if you weren’t forced out of it. Most of us women hold onto relationships that we know deep down are dead. We end up feeling depressed and broken as it sucks all the positive energy from us. I believe you need to find yourself first before Mr. Right could find you. Always remember these tips:

1. Never beg for love

Never accept crumbs of affection when you deserve a whole 5-course meal of love honey. The one who is meant to stay in your life will find his way and always make time for you no matter his busy schedule.

2. Love is never cold

True love should keep you warm no matter the season. This energy you will radiate and feel it from the inside out. He should never starve you of all the hugs, cuddles, and kisses that you so desire.

3. Love listens

He shouldn’t be deaf to your problems. A man who loves you will listen to you and will never make you feel alone.

4. True love should not be torture

Your man should not be the reason why you always cry. He is not an onion, is he? He ought to make you smile more than he makes you cry. True love holds on to you tight and makes you feel important and loved but you are still free to be yourself.

In a nutshell, you need to be grateful that your mistake enabled you to recognize “the one” when he does show up. You will know him no doubt about that. He will make your eyes sparkle because he just remembered to text you in the middle of a busy day. Your voice will be the one he wants to hear before he sleeps so he makes an effort to call. You are simply always on his mind. The chemistry that the two of you share is just divine. You have never felt it so real with anyone else before. Thanks for the mistake of your life because he made you pick up your pieces and come back stronger and more beautiful for the love of your life.