The Love Of Your Life Only Comes After The Mistake Of Your Life

The Love Of Your Life Only Comes After The Mistake Of Your Life

Girl meets boy. Girl falls helplessly in love. After investing her time, emotion and everything she has to offer, the boy who found her in peace leaves her in a thousand little pieces. It happens even to the best of us.

In retrospect, you realize that all the signs and red flags were staring right at you. Love blinded you to these signs and even when things were at their worst, your love for him made you hope that things will be better. You convinced yourself that he would change.

Only that he never changed, and never would have. Looking back, you now recognize that relationship for what it really was; the biggest mistake of your life. It would be easy to cry over the time you wasted on that, but as a strong woman, you know that everything happens for a reason and that behind every mistake is a great lesson.

The lesson from this big mistake? You will learn what real love doesn't look like. Knowing what it is not, you will know what it actually looks like when it comes around, and you will be ready to meet the love of your life after this mistake.

Real love is not unrequited. If it's not mutual, then there really is no point to it, and you will only get hurt waiting around for him to come around. If he is not putting in as much time and effort or investing his emotions as much as you are, he is not the one.

Love should be freely given. You will never have to beg someone who loves you to show you that they do. Every word and every action will be a free expression of their love. If it doesn't come freely, then it sure isn't worth having.

Love shouldn't hurt. If your so-called love is the reason that you go to bed in tears, then you should be thankful and consider it good riddance when things finally fall apart. You don't need that kind of negative vibes in your life.

Love is warm and caring. A man who truly loves you will be there for you through the good and the bad. He will laugh with you through the best of times, and be there to listen to you, and offer a shoulder to cry on when you are having a rough time.

Take the time to let these lessons sink in after the relationship ends. And when they do, you will realize that it was not your fault and that you deserve better. Because you now know what real love is, you will be ready for the real deal.

The real deal will certainly come along. A man who goes out of his way to show you that he loves you. Many are the times when he won't even have to try too hard because it's always the little things. The two of you will enjoy such a wonderful connection you will wish you had met sooner so that you could spend longer together.

Except that you met at just the right time. Everything about the biggest mistake of your life prepared you for this. It all happened exactly as it should have. The biggest mistake of your life prepared you to meet the love of your life.