The Love Of Your Life Comes After The Mistake Of Your Life

Heartbreaks are always painful, stressful, and disappointing. And sometimes, it gets difficult to heal from an emotional breakdown caused by a toxic relationship.

You invest your dreams and time into a relationship, but your partner ends up mistreating, cheating, and finally leaving you. You gave him your heart to love, but he ended up destroying any hope you had to be with him.

You may regret not seeing the signs early enough, but you couldn’t have. You were so blinded by the love which influenced your foolish decisions. Now you’re paying for your foolishness.

You saw his bad behaviors every day during the relationship, but you chose to ignore them. You hoped that you could change him and that he could change for you.

You were wrong just like most people in love are. What made you think you were kind enough to change him while so many before have tried and failed?

Maybe you thought he’d realize how much you love and cherish him, and he’d start treating you better. Your wish never came true. You kept hoping for a future full of happiness and love with him, but you weren’t in his dreams.

You still had that blind optimism and foolishness. The signs were clear to you, but you chose not to let go. Everyone could see them and your friends even started warning you. You didn’t listen. You trusted your heart thinking that it was right, but it ended up hurting and betraying you.

You initiated every conversation by trying to text him. He didn’t care, and he’d take hours or even days to reply to your messages.

He wasn’t always busy. He chose not to be concerned about your feelings and time. You ignored the many times he blamed you for the slightest mistakes and kept reminding you whenever you had arguments. You failed to realize the moments he didn’t give you space and freedom to express yourself.

You were fooled by the nice things he did to you, but he only did them hoping to gain something in return. You didn’t see his dishonesty and lies. He didn’t have intentions of loving or courting you. He wasn’t ready to give his heart to you.

He was never planning on giving you the happy future you always craved for. He wasn’t planning on living up to your expectations or your dreams.

Today you can fully realize and understand that he was the greatest mistake in your relationship life. Because the love of your life only comes after you’ve made stupid mistakes in life. You’re going to meet a caring person who’ll love you the way you always desired.

Meeting the right one.

You’re going to be doubtful about him at first and become protective of your heart. You’ll choose not to encourage him to pursue you because you’ve learned the lesson.

He’s going to be understanding and patient. He’ll wait until you’re ready. Although it might take time and space, he’ll always be persistent waiting for your heart. Because he knows you’re worth it.

He’ll be patient, kind, and always thinking of you. He won’t keep you waiting for a reply to calls or messages but respond in an instant.

He’ll be unique and better than any other man you’ve ever meet. He’ll prepare homemade dinner for your dates and be sensitive to words. Honesty and understanding are his most significant traits.

He’ll try healing you in any way he can and be genuinely happy to see you whole and smiling. He’ll love you despite your flaws. Therefore, don’t hate yourself for loving a person who didn’t want you. Because in love, the right partner is always waiting. You’re going to make many mistakes before meeting that perfect love.