The Lost Lemuria Continent: The Civilization Older Than The Legendary Atlantis

The Lost Lemuria Continent: The Oldest Civilization On Earth, Older Than The Legendary Atlantis

Where was the Lemuria continent? Who were the Lemurians? Why did they disappear? These questions have long puzzled the world's greatest minds in discovering ancient continents.

The mysterious Lemuria continent

The Lost Land Of Lemuria Continent: Their Civilization Was The Oldest On Earth, Even Older Than The Legendary Atlantis

In the 19th century, scientists came up with an interesting assumption about the existence of a lost continent. This explained the unusual distribution of plants and animals around the Indian Ocean. That's how the theory of the lost land of the Lemuria continent arose.

The history was passed down by oral tradition in the beginning. That's history you won't find in ordinary books. Today we call it the Lemuria continent, but it was once called Mu or Homeland.

On May 22, 1932, Edward Lanser wrote in an article published in the Los Angeles Times:

"Through the window of the lookout section on a train whistling toward Portland, Oregon, I noticed some unusual red and green lights on Shasta Mountain, California. I asked the conductor about them, who told me that these were the lights used by the Lemurians in their rituals. "

Hoping to find out more, Lanser headed toward Mount Shasta. To his surprise, he came across several people in the town of Weed, people who saw similar lights on the mountain. But he also came across rumors of the existence of a mysterious village somewhere on a hillside. According to legend, the remaining Lemurians were living there.

The Lemurians were tall, barefoot, with noble faces. They had short hair and were dressed in immaculate white clothing. Rituals with lights were performed in memory of their lost homeland Lemuria. They have lived in North America for thousands of years, but no one has discovered them yet.

This is because they used the secret power of Tibetan masters. It allowed them to merge with their surroundings and disappear whenever they wanted. Their village was protected from the intrusions of the outside world by an invisible wall.

MU = Lemuria continent?

The Lost Land Of Lemuria Continent: Their Civilization Was The Oldest On Earth, Even Older Than The Legendary Atlantis

According to writer James Churchward, the land of Mu was about 8,000 km long and about 4,800 km wide. It was a beautiful tropical paradise, a heavenly place. He said 64 million people died while diving more than 50,000 years ago.

Today's Pacific islands are remnants of the mountain peaks of a lost continent. Extremely detailed maps of the two lost continents of Mu and Atlantis were found engraved on stones in Ica, Peru.

United Nations diplomat Farida Iskoviet, Assistant to the President of the United Nations Adam Malik, came to Maui in 1972. One of the leading experts on Lemurian exploration reported that the ruins of the sunken Lemuria continent lie between Maui and Oahu. It is said to be a top-secret project of the US Navy Intelligence Service in 1972.

An alternative view of cosmos

The Lost Lemuria Continent: The Oldest Civilization On Earth, Older Than The Legendary Atlantis

Almost one galactic year ago, 26,000 years ago, was the golden age of the solar empire. People lived in peace, love, harmony, and prosperity that we cannot even imagine today. We are currently at the peak as we feel both the vibrations of the dying age as well as the vibrations of the coming new age. This is essentially the cosmic science of Mu, based on the notes of James Churchward and dr. George Hunt Williams.

They devoted decades to studying the ancient records of the lost civilization Mu. The Sun of the Solar Empire is a cosmic symbol for the original creative energy coming from the central sun at the center of the universe. It is the benevolent energy of time and space from higher dimensions. It is also the source of all life, matter, and energy.

The sun is further represented in the microcosm as the sun within every human being. The Lemurians (Mu) believed that the sun within man is located in the so-called third eye. That is the invisible eye that is attuned to our innermost visions.

According to Churchward, most Mu civilizations lived in homes with transparent roofs. They did not know about stress and illness, so they reached old age. In nearly 40,000 years of social practice and testing, they have also remarkably developed their extrasensory perception.

Throughout thousands of years of evolution, they mastered the skill of telepathy, astral travel, and teleportation. Thus, it completely nullified the use of means of transportation.

Premarital test

The Lost Lemuria Continent: The Oldest Civilization On Earth, Older Than The Legendary Atlantis

Lemurians were primarily a vegetarian, agricultural, outdoor, organic culture. They lived in harmony with nature and the Earth, using very little scientific technology. Lemurians mainly concentrated on meditation and development outside of sensory perception.

Lemurians were not very interested in Atlantis technology. They preferred to experiment with psychic energies to move objects. They also took advantage of ultra-high sound frequency, solar energy, crystal energy, and teleportation.

One of the reports mentions a pre-marriage test. The elders demanded that the man and woman give up all their possessions. So they had absolutely nothing - clothes, food, shelter, or tools. The man and woman were then sent to the forests for one month (28 days), completely naked and without anything.

They had to build shelter, make clothes, collect food, and make tools during this time. They needed to take care of each other without arguing or emitting negative energy. If they successfully passed the test, they were married and given back their possessions. If they didn't pass the test, they couldn't get married.

Other research

The Lost Land Of Lemuria Continent: Their Civilization Was The Oldest On Earth, Even Older Than The Legendary Atlantis

Lemuria continent was developed by a culture that existed in what we now call the Pacific Ocean. It was a tropical village community. It had larger centers with clairvoyant prophets and holy men performing healing work. They were a non-energy-oriented society.

Mrs. Blavatsky (1831-1891), who founded Theosophy, claimed to have traveled the world searching for occult knowledge. That is when she discovered the feet of Mahatma in Tibet, who ruled the world by spreading magical power. Many of the volumes of her major work, The Secret Doctrine, are taken from Dzyan's book. It is an old Atlantean text that the Mahatma showed her while she was in a trance.

In the book, she explains that humanity is evolving gradually. It is developed by going through seven fundamental races. The Lemurians were a third ancient race. They lived in the Lemuria continent that covered most of the southern hemisphere. They were large, monkey-like creatures. Some were said to have had four hands or a third eye on the back of the head.

They did not speak but used telepathy to communicate. Despite not having a brain as we know it today, they could move mountains with willpower. Eventually, the Lemuria continent collapsed. Its demise was followed by the collapse of Atlantis and the world at the time. The descendants of the Lemurians, as occultists claim, still live today. They are said to be Australian natives, Hottentot, and Papuans.

Lemuria continent remains a puzzle

The Lost Land Of Lemuria Continent: Their Civilization Was The Oldest On Earth, Even Older Than The Legendary Atlantis

Later, the Theosophists formed a more detailed image of the Lemurians. William Scott-Elliot wrote in his book The History of Atlantis and the Disappeared Lemuria:

"The Lemurians were brown and nearly four and a half meters tall. They had flat faces without foreheads and protruding jaws. They had eyes so wide they could see on the side. The heels protruded far back, so they had no trouble walking forward or backward."

Also, Lemurians are said to have been hermaphrodites who laid eggs and then began to reproduce humanly. They were supported by lords of fire who came from Venus. They taught the Lemurians to attain immortality and the ability to be born again. But just this time, when they got a human appearance, the Lemuria continent sank into the sea.

Although we cannot prove that the Lemurians had contact with aliens, their recorded history shows intervention from other worlds. And when Lemuria continent rises again, many of her secrets will be revealed.

Certain land masses represent the last remnants of the magnificent Lemuria continent Empire. Examples are the islands of Fiji, Hawaii, the Easter Islands, and some parts of Los Angeles. This, in turn, might explain the fact that these areas attract many spiritualists. Precisely because of the vibrations of the ancient land, they are based on sensuality and creativity.

This is what is known for the Lemuria continent thus far. Hopefully, in time will reveal the mystery of the oldest civilization on Earth.