The London Hammer – A 400 Million Years Old Intriguing OOPArt

The London Hammer, discovered in Texas in 1936, is a 6-inch-long hammerhead made of 96.6% iron. It was found embedded in a limy rock concretion from the Cretacious formation, dating back 400 million years. Despite its age, the hammerhead has not rusted since its discovery.

The "London Hammer" or "London Artifact" is an iron and wood hammer found in London, Texas in 1936. There is a claim that it is a 400 million years old artifact.

Discovery of the London Hammer OOPArt

In June 1936, while on a walk, Max Hahn and his wife Emma came across a rock with wood sticking out and decided to bring it home. They later opened the rock using a hammer and chisel and found an old-fashioned hammer inside.

What strange facts were revealed about the artifact?

A group of archaeologists examined the hammer and found that the rock encasing it was over 400 million years old and the hammer itself was over 500 million years old. Additionally, a part of the handle had started to turn into coal.

The hammerhead, made of more than 96.6% iron, is highly pure and cannot be achieved naturally without the use of modern technology.

How the London Hammer got a worldwide attention

The London Hammer attracted interest from creationists, particularly after it was purchased by Carl Baugh in 1983. Baugh, a creationist, claimed the artifact was a significant "pre-Flood" discovery and used it to support speculations about how the atmosphere of a pre-flood Earth could have led to the growth of giants.

Possible explanations for the London Hammer OOPArt

Some experts have pointed out that the hammer's design is consistent with typical American tools made in the late 1800s and the design is consistent with a miner's hammer.

One explanation for the rock encasing the hammer is that the minerals in the ancient limestone may have formed a concretion around the object through a process called concretion. This process often creates similar encrustations around fossils and other nuclei.

The London Hammer is currently on display in Carl Baugh's Creation Evidence Museum, where replica versions of the hammer are sold to visitors.

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