Weird Story

The Legend Of Pichal Peri Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

The legend of the Pichal Peri, an unexplained paranormal entity, has been haunting the people living in the Northern Mountain ranges of Pakistan and the Himalayan foothills of India for over a century. It is a story that is still told today, with many people believing that the Pichal Peri is still out there, waiting to terrorize anyone who dares to enter its territory. Despite the many years that have passed, the legend of the Pichal Peri remains as mysterious and unsettling as ever.


The story of Pichal Peri is similar to that of the Pontianak in Filipino culture and the Churel in Indian-Pakistani culture, as all three tales have similar outcomes.

The legend of the Pichal Peri is made even more frightening by certain circumstances that suggest a hidden fear. Many of the legends do not clarify whether the Pichal Peri is harmful or not, only that it appears, spends some time, and then disappears, leaving a traumatic experience for those who have witnessed it. The fear is compounded when people witness one of the Pichal Peri's most striking features before it disappears into thin air.


The Scary Stories Behind The Pichal Peri

The Pichal Peri legend comes in two forms, but the most well-known version is that of a traditionally beautiful woman who appears in deep, isolated woods after dark and targets vulnerable men who come to her for help. After a while, she disappears, leaving them frightened and confused. She is able to conceal all of her features except for her feet, which always point backwards, earning her the nickname "back-footed woman-ghost."


The name "Pichal Peri" is derived from "Pichhal Pairee," which means "back-footed" in Hindi-Urdu.

Other legends describe the beautiful woman as transforming into a terrifying demonic witch who is twenty feet tall with a long face, dirty fingers, a hunchback, bloodied clothes, large, round eyes, and disheveled hair covering most of her face.

It is believed that if someone calls out the name "Pichal Peri" within the boundaries of the haunted woods, the witch will appear within minutes to haunt and terrify them.


The Local Folklores Of Pichal Peri

Many villagers, particularly the elders, claim that locals and tourists often go missing after entering the woods alone at the wrong time and are never found. They believe the Pichal Peri is responsible for these unexplained disappearances.

It is believed that some mountain peaks are particularly haunted by these supernatural beings, which is why many mountain climbers have died while attempting to climb them. The Malika Parbat peak is said to be particularly haunted in this way.


However, there are those who do not believe in the existence of the Pichal Peri in these mountain territories and attribute the deaths of mountain climbers to the harsh weather, high altitudes, cold temperatures, and treacherous terrain of the mountains.

Another Creepy Legend Of Pichal Peri

One legend tells the story of a 35-year-old man who was riding his motorbike home late on a dark and gloomy night. He had to pass through the forest to get to his house.


Just before entering the forest, he saw a beautiful girl crying by the side of the road. He stopped his bike and asked her why she was crying. She said she was lost in the forest and had managed to find her way out, but was unable to locate the path to her house.

To reassure her, the man offered to let the girl stay at his house for the night and said that they would look for her house together in the morning. The girl accepted the offer.


As they were riding through the forest, another woman suddenly appeared in front of the man's motorcycle. He stopped the bike and discovered that the girl who had been on the back seat had disappeared. He was shocked, but quickly realized that she was not a living person and that he had encountered the ghost of Pichal Peri.

To confirm his suspicions, the man asked the woman if she had seen a girl on his bike who looked like a Pichal Peri. The woman asked in surprise, "What is a Pichal Peri?" The man replied, "A ghost woman with backward-facing feet who can disguise herself as anything." The woman responded, "Ohh, like this!" and showed the man her feet, which were pointing backward.