The Laziest Zodiac Signs

The Laziest Zodiac Signs

Some folks can't wait for the sun to rise to get back to work, while others hate mornings for ruining their sleep and comfort. But what do experts say, which are the laziest zodiac signs in astrology?

Some of the laziest people consider the responsibility of dragging their lazy bodies from the bed to the couch enough work for the day.

But for now, we will not go into why some people are so lazy while others literally work themselves to exhaustion. Instead, let us look at five zodiac signs that hate making as much effort as everyone else.

For these folks, there are better things to do besides working, and some will even take offense at having you make them work.

They like it better when everyone else does the hard work, and some of them will even gladly take credit for other people's efforts to make themselves look good. It's not fair for all the hard workers out there, but what can you do?

Here are the laziest zodiac signs you will ever meet, and what their idea of hard work actually means because they all seem blind to this obvious flaw. Come on, you didn't think these guys would openly confess to being lazy couch potatoes, did you?

1. Sagittarius, The Laziest Zodiac Sign

the laziest zodiac signs

Because a Sagittarius will often think they are working hard when they are not, some might consider this the dumbest zodiac sign.


In theory, a Sagittarius can be one of the most active zodiac signs, but their legendary fear of commitment makes them incredibly lazy to everybody else.

That is why when zodiac signs are ranked from the hardest workers to lazy signs, Sagittarius folks end up ranking so poorly.

Consistent work is not their cup of tea, and this is without a doubt, not the most punctual zodiac sign you will ever meet.

A Sagittarius believes they can combine total control over their lives with total freedom in their lives. That strange combo means they are ranked very poorly on the list of the laziest zodiac signs in existence.

Since they hate commitment to regular duties and often find a way to run away from them, Sagittarian folk consistently come off as lazy in many aspects of life.

2. Aquarius, Laziness With An Attitude

the laziest zodiac signs

When asked which zodiac sign is the smartest, you would not be too crazy to attribute this trait to an Aquarius. These folks are always curious and naturally intelligent.

The problem is that this is not the hardest working zodiac sign. Not by a long shot.


Without tasking them with something they find intellectually challenging, you would think Aquarius is the sleepiest zodiac sign ever. These guys are easily bored by dull and mundane tasks, which is an accurate description of a typical 9 to 5 job.

The problem is made worse by the fact that these people can turn on you if you give them a task they consider to be beneath them. So, on top of everything, their laziness comes with a healthy dose of a bad attitude.

They claim to want more challenging jobs, but their monumental laziness sets in as soon as the intellectual thrill is gone.

3. Taurus, "Let Someone Else Do The Work"

the laziest zodiac signs

A Taurus always likes it when the dirty work is left to someone else. Not only are these guys inactive, but they are also pretty stubborn. Trying to get a Taurus to do something can drive you insane.

Unsurprisingly, Taurus is one of the laziest zodiac signs according to astrologers.

In most of the things they do, the highest target is the bare minimum. That is why Taurus is often the answer to the question: which zodiac sign is the laziest. No one can accuse these folks of being the most hard-working zodiac sign in existence.


For a Taurus, finding comfort is the best job in the world, not grinding day after day to make a living like everyone else.

4. Leo, "Being Fun And Charming Is The Same As Working"

the laziest zodiac signs

On some level, I'm sure we knew Leos were going to be on this list. Even a Leo would probably agree with that.

Leos might not be the hardest sign to get along with. However, they only put in the effort when it serves to further their time in the spotlight.

One would think they would be the biggest workaholic zodiac sign since Leos hate a mediocre life. The problem is that they want to be on top without working too hard to get there.

Instead of hard work, Leos prefer to use charm. They think getting a few laughs or smiles off people can make up for their lack of work ethic.

For that reason, Leos inevitably end up on the list of the laziest zodiac signs. Unfortunately, everyone can see that except them.

5. Pisces, "I Have Too Much To Do To Do Anything"

the laziest zodiac signs

With all due respect, Pisces desire to be more active and driven in whatever they do. They have one big setback, though: they don't like working hard.

Also, their lives are full of distractions, making it impossible for them to focus on anything.

The one thing they love more than working is fantasizing and worrying. And don't think you can call out a Piscean on his/her star-assigned laziness.

As far as they know, this trait is proof that they are simply victims of circumstances. It's not their fault that they can't do more – circumstances get in the way.

Are you lazy?

If you are among these astrological signs, experts believe there is a chance you are one of the laziest people there is.

Personally, I believe in exceptions; and more importantly, the ability to better oneself.

Think of your unflattering position of the laziest zodiac signs as the motivation you need to work on yourself. Become a more productive person, spouse, employee, or member of the community.

Prove them wrong!