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The Internet Worked Together To Figure Out What This Mysterious Kitchen Tool Was

The Internet Worked Together To Figure Out What This Mysterious Kitchen Tool Was

The knowledge available online is remarkable, so are the geniuses hidden amidst billions of people on it. Once, a group of automotive gurus solved a fatal hit and ran a case online. They helped to identify a small piece of the vehicle that gave more lead than was previously available.

Recently, a Reddit user posted a picture of a mysterious kitchen tool and sorted the help of users online to identify it. It was a pretty strange tool, not one that can be identified at a glance, except you have used it before or seen it used.

Well, internet users put their heads together and discovered what it's used for.

Mysterious "Item In Our Kitchen"

The Internet Worked Together To Figure Out What This Mysterious Kitchen Tool Was

The Redditor posted this picture. Shortly after, he discovered what it was. It was a pastry blender/cutter.

When you need to make flaky pastries like biscuits or scones, this tool comes in handy. It is used to "cut in" the butter into the flour. When you need to have little lumps of raw butter remain whole within flour even after mixing it in, this pastry blender is the tool to accomplish that.

Leaving the butter lumps cause separation in whatever pastry you make. This gives it that flaky consistency.

Keep in mind that the pastry blender is often used on cold butter. This is because warm, soft butter will blend with flour, leaving tiny lumps to accomplish the flaky finished product you want.

This tool has most likely remained obscure because to accomplish its job. Most bakers use a fork or their hands.

What Else Can It Be Used For?

Even if its original purpose was now known, many Redditors who had the same tool shared how they were using it. One user said: "It has a lot of uses, including kneading dough and mashing stuff (like potatoes)."

Another said: "Also works well when cooking ground beef in a skillet for taco meat, etc. to get cooked ground beef into smaller pieces." I guess chicken isn't left out either.

What about boiled eggs? One user commented: "So you're telling me I've been misusing it all these years? My mom told me it's for slicing boiled eggs."

Other users started talking about what their moms used it for as well. One said:

"My mom uses hers to cut up strawberries for jelly. Drop [a] few handfuls in a bowl and mash."

There were "my mom used it to mash tofu" and "my mom always thought it was for chopping walnuts." Moms and their creativity with kitchen tools.

If you are thinking of making guac, one user said she uses it for avocados when making it. You might want to try that out and let others know how it turned out.

One user's comment was especially notable. She uses it in place of an electric blender to make a slushy punch. She explained: "I also use it for a hand-making slushy punch on holidays. (Freeze a blend of your favorite juices, then use this to mash it up in a punch bowl, then slowly pour your favorite citrus soda on it and mix gently.) It's heavenly."

A mysterious tool suddenly gained popularity and became the go-to kitchen tool for everyone! Well, now you know multiple ways the pastry blender can be used, it's time to get started!

If you are wondering where to find it, it is on Amazon and is relatively cheap for a multipurpose tool.

Other Uses For Tools You Likely Have In Your Kitchen

The Internet Worked Together To Figure Out What This Mysterious Kitchen Tool Was

Ice Cream Scoop

Besides scooping ice cream, it can be used for filling muffin tins with equal amounts of batter or for baking larger cookies. It can also be used to make perfect meatballs, divide and form patties, make dumplings, or hollow out cantaloupe, squash, and eggplants.

It can be used as a dish at parties. So, use your ice cream scoop to dole out equal meal servings for your next family function.

Melon Baller

We love this tool for how it creates attractive melon servings, but it has other uses. You can use it for scooping out dough for smaller cookies, serving butter in the shape of balls, hollow tomatoes for stuffing, or scooping potatoes.

You can even use it to scoop ice cream, make pit balls or pelmeni, or make meatballs. Or just get creative with scooping as many fruits as you can.

Garlic Press

It can also work as a nutcracker. Not on hard-shelled nuts, though. It will easily crush thin-shelled nuts like pistachios.


It can also work as a vegetable steamer. Just place the strainer above boiling water and make sure it does not dip into the hot water. Put your vegetables in it and allow to steam.

Pizza Cutter

You might not eat pizza every day, but there are many things you eat or make that need a pizza cutter. Whether you want to slice bread for French Toast sticks or cut the crust off a sandwich, it will work just right. It is your go-to bread-slicing tool.

Slotted Spoons

If you are the type that desperately wants to live without egg yolks, you will love this tool. It is excellent for separating egg yolks from egg whites. Bakers love it! After breaking your egg into a bowl, use the slotted spoon to take out the yoke without any residue left behind.